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Does anyone else find Sadie SERIOUSLY irritating?
Chelsi Chelsi (last edited Jul 26, 2014 01:46PM ) Jul 25, 2014 11:23PM
Okay, seriously. I mean I know that throughout the books she is mentioned as annoying but she really started getting on my nerves. She's stubborn, acts like a brat and has this arrogant way about her that is infuriating! One example that really had me peeved was this:
"Carter says it’s called cotton candy in America. I don’t care. I was raised in London, so you’ll just have to keep up and learn the proper way of saying things."
Does anyone else think so though? Feel free to share your own opinion and references if you like. :)

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I actually really like Sadie. I'm from America, and I've never really found her annoying. You'll see on the internet that most British people just find Americans odd or plain crazy. And I think sibling competition is the most natural thing in the world! They'll always think they're better than each other.

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Dezabelle I'm English and I see this. We all think you're crazy :) ...more
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Chelsi Hmm . . didn't know that about the British :P But the sibling rivalry thing, I still don't completely understand. I have a sister but I don't try to o ...more
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Well this is odd... Sadie is my favourite character! Are you from america? Because personally I find that the sort of attitude she displays there is found amusing throughout most of England.... And I don't think she thinks she's better than carter I just think she is naturally cocky and carter is a quieter person.... I think the difference between them just shows the contrasts in their upbringings.

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