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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Feminist Mystical/Spiritual ish book with ancient matriarchal society. Mother/leader called Moom [s]

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments Ok, so this is veeery scanty info, I know, but crossing my fingers. I seem to recall it being in the style of an Alice Walker book, but I could just as easily be wrong. Only thing I remember is a chunk of the book about a very primitive sort of pagan matriarchal society, led by a woman named Moom who is the sort of spiritual mother of her people. I remember very vividly one line (don't ask me why) where she announces 'I am Moom; full of blood, and milk, and babies!'. That's all I can remember, unfortunatly. I'll be really impressed if ya'll come up with this one. Its been driving me nuts for a few years now. ;)

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Michele | 2425 comments Hm, very interesting. Would you say this was a YA book or aimed at adults? When you say "very primitive" do you mean it was set in ancient prehistory, or just that the people themselves were primitive in outlook or lifestyle? Can you say anything more about why it reminded you of Alice Walker?

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments Oh no.... definitely an adult title. I seem to recall it being a pretty hefty novel, too. I almost want to say it was like one of Alice Walkers more esoteric titles... something along the lines of The Temple Of My Familiar, but I just don't think it was, or if it is, I haven't been able to find it in her work. I don't own a copy of Temple to even double check 100% that is isn't the right book! lol And it was sort of an ancient prehistory tribe, for sure. Trying to think of how to say this without being offensive... Moom um... well, she 'nourished' her tribe with her body, both milk and blood. It was an intensely powerful feminine statement, but a little icky. lol

Oh, one more thing... I seem to remember there being a rather big cast of characters, and many time periods involved... (might be why it reminds me of the Walker book).... the Goddess/Mother Moom and her tribe were just part of it. And can't remember anything else. I know... its a weird one. There was definitely a paganism matriarchal feminist feel to it, though. ;)

edit... Ok, just thought of something else, but I'm not 100% sure its accurate. I seem to remember something about Moom being a past life or previous incarnation of one of the more modern characters? Like perhaps the Moom bits were a past life regression sort of thing? Don't hold me to that reincarnation angle, though.

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caracal-eyes | 134 comments Catmagic - The Goodreads description doesn't look so promising, but I searched the line you mentioned, and got this as a result.

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Michele | 2425 comments caracal-eyes wrote: "Catmagic"

This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the original poster's description -- what makes you think this is a possible match?

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Michele | 2425 comments How sure are you about the woman's name being "Moom"?

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments caracal-eyes wrote: "Catmagic"

oh holy moly... how could I not remember that? lol I've read Strieber's Catmagic, a few times in fact, but not for a good 16 years or so. It could very possibly be from Catmagic. Do you remember the Moom part, specifically, Caracal-eyes? I remember the book, but only generally. It was definitely a rather esoteric feminist/mother goddess/paganism book, though! I'll reread it at first chance, asap!

OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments I'm pretty darn sure its CatMagic, by Whitley Strieber, like caracal-eyes mentioned. I'm positive about the Moom name. I read the book for the first time in my early teens, and it was one of the first vivid and powerful images of ancient matriarchal power I'd read about, so it was pretty intense and compelling for me. I'm almost 40 now, so a good 25+ years since I read it the first time, and I still remember the line "I am Moom; full of blood and milk and babies!" to this day. ;)

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caracal-eyes | 134 comments One search result for your quotation was actually a pdf of the full text of Cat Magic (link here); I searched the text (Ctrl + F) for "Moom", because it did seem an unlikely match and I wanted to be sure, and among the results:

'“We are Moom.” She slapped her belly. “I am the Moom! The powerful! Full of milk and blood and

'The beetles were beginning to bore into her feet. She hopped. “I am Moom, full of blood and milk and babies!'

And I haven't actually read it, but from skimming bits of the text just now, all the elements you mentioned seem to fit--paganism, prehistoric society, past life regression (or maybe more like channeling or possession).

OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments Holy toledo... can't believe I remembered that line right! rofl Well, mystery (and it was a confounding one, at that!) is officially solved, thanks to caracal-eyes! Seriously... thank you. That's been one of those tiny itches in the back of my mind for years, trying to figure that book out. The really strange thing is that just yesterday or the day before, I was talking to someone about witchcraft books, and I mentioned that book specifically... and I STILL didn't realize it was the right book.

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Michele | 2425 comments Wow, from the blurb on GR I never would have guessed!! Great that somebody knew it :)

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments Yeah, absolutely! If that blurb were a little more comprehensive, it would have prompted my memory and I'd likely have figured it out yesterday when I was talking about the book in another group here. Weird freaky coincidence, that is. I'm taking it as serindipity and rereading the book, now.

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SparksofEmber | 946 comments Great! If you can Rachel, please move this thread to solved and add the book to the group shelves. Or ask a mod to help?

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 42 comments hmmm... yeah, I'll definitely need help with the shelf thing, but I'll get 'er done! Thanks for the prompt, Sparks! Still figuring things out, here.

Looks like some helpful person beat me to the punch (thanks!), but I poked around a bit and figured it out. Cool system!

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