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The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1)
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Daniel Barnett | 184 comments I haven't started yet, but I will within the next day or so. Anyway, since we said 7/25, I figured I'd go ahead and make the topic.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm in! Just read a few pages in to start.

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K4tie (nonzombieleader) | 484 comments I'm in! Wahoo :)

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Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments I'm in!

Daniel Barnett | 184 comments Just finished the prologue plus 2 small parts of Chapter 1, and I'm totally hooked. This book is going to be a lot of fun.

I loved (view spoiler)

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Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments It took me a minute to get into this read due to the long preachy-type voice of the Thiefmaker. It didn't flow very well in the beginning, but I'm good now.

pg 48~

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Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments Great, Renee! I was really struggling. Sometimes I will read a paragraph out loud until I get the flow and the voice of the read down.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm on 108 now. I'm liking the story but the worldbuilding is happening pretty slowly and I still feel a little "lost" as far as the culture and world goes.

Daniel Barnett | 184 comments I'm on 100 and still really enjoying it.

Though I am coming fresh off of Ghost Story, which jumps all over the place (past, present, stories within the story, even a character's journal making up part of the narattive) and hides what it's about for almost half the novel, all wrapped up in Straub's sometimes brilliant, sometimes frustratingly complex style, so I figure just about ANY story would flow pretty smooth to me right now hahaha.

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K4tie (nonzombieleader) | 484 comments I'm on chapter 7 of the Prologue, not sure of the page #. This is an interesting way to setup chapters, I didn't know until I just looked to see where I was at. It's dark and interesting so far. Some words and things I'm having to gloss over, but it's not taking away from the meat of the story so I don't mind. :)

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Daniel Barnett | 184 comments Started today at pg 125 and doubled that in more or less one setting.

If any of you are still finding it slow, I'd say it starts to move faster at around pg 150, and then starts REALLY going soon after that. I'm totally, completely hooked at this point.

It's got charm and danger and a pair of Fred/George Weasley-esque twins, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be along for the adventure.

I'm also finding Lynch's prose to be particularly colorful and sharp. There's a ton of wit packed into these pages, and that the history of this fantasy world has roots in (mysterious) sci-fi origins is a really cool and flavorful touch.

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Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments pg 100.

I love the humor, but the wordy prose if killing me. I find myself skimming :(

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Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I also like the way the chapters are staggered past and then present. Kind of neat to see how Locke came up. The prose is very wordy and I also tend to skim the long long loooong descriptions of things. But the plot is starting to pick up and I think Locke may be about to get involved in something a little bigger than he intended with this brandy scheme.

Daniel Barnett | 184 comments Finished yesterday, and enjoyed it thoroughly. How's everyone else coming along?

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Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm a little ways in but will be able to catch up when I'm back from vacation! :) The way each section is written is a bit confusing for me, can't tell what's going on sometimes when the author replays the same scene but from a different characters point of view. Can't wait to see how much trouble Locke gets himself into soon...

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Ms. Nikki (miznikki) | 13944 comments I dropped it. I don't know if I will pick it up again :(

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Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I too have put it aside for now, but I will probably try to finish it at some point.

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