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Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments Oroonoko, The Rover and Other Works, Aphra Behn, 1677-1689, England, NOVELS/PLAYS/POEMS/LETTERS

"...Aphra Behn's protagonists clearly reflect her own passion for life, a spirit which led her to write in a letter to a male colleague: "All I ask is the privilege...to tread in those successful paths my predecessors have so long thrived in...If I must not because of my sex, have this freedom, but that you will usurp all to yourselves; I lay down my quill and you shall have no more of me." Fortunately, Aphra Behn persevered, and her work, like her life—unhampered by either modesty or apology—exudes a rare vitality."

(S.L., p. 278)

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Alex Oroonoko: "As a stepping stone in the evolution of the novel, this is great to have in your experience. As a plot, it's excellent. As a book, it's fine but unlikely to become one of your favorites."

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Aubrey (korrick) | 2004 comments I'm submitting my review for this (Oroonoko): https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

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