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Fenestra | 269 comments HELLLOOOO

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments hi

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Fenestra | 269 comments So what kind of RP do you want to do?

We could do a Castle-like story. Y'know? Like a cop show?

Or we could do a fantasy.

Orrrrr sci-fi?

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Castle, definitely Castle.

message 5: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 269 comments Okies. Are you going to do a female character? I am. Some people do romance, but we don't need to, I think. We can do a Rizzoli and Isles womance kinda-thing.

message 6: by Rin (new)

Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Womance works for me. Do you want to throw something supernatural into a character?

message 7: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 269 comments Not really. I'm so excited!!! XD

SO. The next step is to create our characters. To do this, we need a template, which I will provide momentarily.

Shall we assume that we are partners in the twelfth division of the NYPD? Homicide detectives?

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments What a fabulous idea, Fenestra. What about Ryan and Esposito?

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Fenestra | 269 comments Here's our template, btw. Very simple to start.








<.b>Weapon of choice:<./b>

<.b>Country of origin:<./b>


<.b>Theme song (optional):<./b>


In order to make the HTML work, you just have to remove the periods. The HTML bolds your words. In order to italicize, you just replace the b with an "i" in between the brackets. In order to end the effect of the HTML, you just insert the slash for the second bookend, as displayed above.

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Fenestra | 269 comments Name: Imogen “Im” “Immy” “Jen” Todd

Gender: Female

Age: Thirty

Im is tall and willowy, built with streamlined muscle masked by soft, feminine curves. She has a lengthy torso that hints at her inhuman flexibility. Short and wispy, her honeyed-brown hair is styled in a trendy bob that brushes just below her jawline. Exotically tilted eyes of deep blue peer out from beneath thick, dark lashes and heavy lids. Her face is tall and delicately sculpted, the illusion aided by her high cheekbones and slim nose. Olive-toned skin is complemented by full, peachy lips.

Personality: Im is outgoing—a straight-shooter if you will. Enthusiastic and excitable, she lives in a world of action. A blunt, straight-forward risk-taker, she is willing to plunge right into things and get her hands dirty. She lives in the here and now, placing little importance on introspection or theory. Imogen looks at the facts of a situation, quickly decides what should be done, executes the action, and moves onto the next thing.

The experienced cop has an uncanny ability to perceive people’s attitudes and motivations. She picks up on little cues which go completely unnoticed by most other types such as facial expression and stance. She’s typically a couple steps ahead of the person she’s interacting with. She often uses this as a way to get whatever she wants. Rules and laws are seen as guidelines for behavior, rather than mandates. If she has decided something needs to be done, her typical “do it and get on with it” attitude takes precedence over the rules However, Imogen has her own strong sense of right and wrong, doggedly sticking her principals. The Rules of Establishment matter little to Im, but her own integrity holds that she won’t do anything against her moral code.

The woman has a strong flair for style and the dramatic—her closet is proof. She’s a fast-moving, fast-talking person with an appreciation for the finer things in life. Im has significant talent with story-telling and improvising. She often makes things up as she goes along, rather than acting with a plan in mind. She loves to have fun, and is typically fun to be around. Sometimes, Im can be hurtful to others without her knowledge. She has difficulty accounting for others’ feelings. Her sarcasm sometimes goes too far.

Im needs to keep moving and works best when unconfined. She despises routine and loves spontaneity. Practical, observant, and fun-loving, Imogen is a rare gem among the detectives in the NYPD. She is well-paired with Shizuka.

Family: None that she knows of. She was bounced through foster care from birth. She has taken to calling an elderly Puerto Rican woman in the Bronx ‘Ma.’

History: Imogen assumes that her parents died at a young age, since she’s been in foster care ever since she can remember. She lived on the streets for a good portion of her adolescence until she wandered into a comic book store in the Bronx. There she found her savior in the form of an elder woman of Puerto Rican descent named Maria Santino. The woman gave Im her first comic book: Batman.
Im became enthralled with superheroes and their gritty intelligence—their determination never to give up and their endless faith in humanity. It was this and some overt hinting from Ma’ that led her to apply herself in school. As it turns out, Im is very gifted in all facets of academia. She graduated with a four-point-oh and attended Colombia University in NY, not wanting to leave her beloved city.
Some time during college, Imogen was approached by the government with a large check. She assumes it is a compensation for her parents’ deaths. She’s never looked into it and has no plans to.
After college, she joined the police academy. The rest is history.

Weapon of choice: Standard issue nine millimeter. Her sarcasm. Anything she can get her hands on.

Country of origin: U.S.A.

Crush: N/A

Theme song (optional):
Deeper- Ella Eyre

*Operates normally at 93.7 degrees—about four degrees below the average.
*Has a Great Dane named Alfred (after Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler).
*Owns a first edition-volume one Batman.
*Hates coffee

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Name: Shizuka Matsumoto

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-seven

 photo -font-b-Wig-b-font-long-straight-hair-korean-girls-font-b-wig-b-font_zps2e084e03.jpg

Personality: Shizuka is an energetic and athletic woman with little patience. She is also very professional when it comes to her work and doesn't give up easily. Her stubborn attitude and constant babbling drives Imogen off the deep end. Shizuka doesn't take orders very well and prefers to do things her way, which gets her into quite a bit of trouble with her captain but so long as the work gets done no one really cares how she does it. She doesn't take being yelled at very well and refuses to speak to the person who yelled until they make up for it with candy because what better way is there to say you're sorry than with a box of candy . She can take Imogen's teasing though.

Family: Shizuka's mother is a Japanese pianist who gets along with her very well, however her American father ran off with someone else when Shizuka was younger. She also has an older brother that takes care of her named Yasuyo that lives with her and is like her father.

History: Shizuka has had outstanding grades for as long as she can remember and has been really athletic. Her mother taught her how to play the piano when she was six so they could play together. Because her father left her when she was young, her older brother, Yasuyo had to work a lot even though her mother got a lot of money from playing the piano. Even when she was a kid she loved to play detective with Yasuyo around her neighborhood. When it was time to pick a collage to go to Shizuka decided to go to NYU so she wouldn't have to leave her mother and Yasuyo. After collage Shizuka decided to become a NYPD homicide detective and met her partner Imogen Todd.

Weapon of choice: Nine millimeter gun

Country of origin: United States

Crush: NA

<.b>Theme song (optional):<./b>


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Fenestra | 269 comments Detective Todd had been ecstatic when she'd gotten off early for the night. Case closed, file shelved, paperwork complete-- all in a day's work.

Her thick-heeled ass-kicking boots clacked heavily on the pavement as she stalked down the poorly lit streets of New York. Hands stuffed into the pockets of her wool Burberry coat, Imogen Todd shivered. The fall air was crisp and cool, nipping mercilessly at her fair skin. She blandly wished she were on vacation somewhere with a beach.

In the midst of her daydreaming, a shrill beeping noise sounded from her purse. Sighing, the tall woman paused her purposeful strides to dig through the damned thing. Her fingers brushed cool metal and she grasped the vibrating, ringing device. Sliding her thumb across the screen, she held it up to her ear, huffing irritably through her nose.

"Detective Todd."


"You've gotta' be kidding me."

-- And that was how Imogen got dragged back to work.

She grumbled, running a hand through her hair as she approached the body. She had to hand it to the chief, it was certainly an unusual case. A woman's body covered in flowers lay motionless on a table-- seeming to be almost ritualistic.

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Detective Shizuka moaned when she heard her phone's high pitched ring blare while she was taking a hot, skittle scented bubble bath that fogged up her bathroom mirror. She felt around the side of her tub for the cause of her headache but felt nothing but condensation. Her eyes opened wide with alarm as she sat up, franticly scanning her bathroom for her phone.

"God damn it." Shizuka muttered as she stood up, water running down her tan, slender legs, "I left my phone out in the other room. In the cold air."

She stepped out of the warm soothing water that was going to be the rest of her evening off and snatched her white towel off of the hanger. Bracing herself for the cold air, Shizuka firmly gripped the metal doorknob. Bubbles still on her arms and legs, she jerked the door open and stepped out into the piercing cold air. The temperature drop made Shizuka want to dive back into the steamy bath but her damn phone wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"Detective Shizuka." she shivered.


"Oh, come on!"


"A box of Juinior Mints would definitely bring me down there."

--There went my skittle scented bubble bath.

"What the hell?" The detective exclaimed at the sight of the body covered in dark red rose petals. Shizuka's gaze drifted up to the face, which had two bright yellow sunflowers placed upon of the victims eyes.

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Fenestra | 269 comments Im's eyes drifted gently, respectfully over the length of the corpse as she knelt down next to it. A solemn expression darkened her features. "Whoever did this has had a total psychotic break."

The trainee officers fluttered around taking pictures of the body and the scene, skirting around the two detectives. The M.E., Dani, glances up at them whilst pulling on her latex gloves. "Evening ladies."

"Dani." Imogen greets casually, inclining her head at the impish blond woman. "C.O.D.?"

"Two gunshots to the chest, as far as I can see. I'll let you know once I can get her on the slab."

"That's disgusting." The brunette's nose wrinkles.

"Not my fault you have a weak stomach." Dani shrugged, hazel eyes glinting mischievously.

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Shizuka stared at the motionless corpse, frowning while thoughtfully chewing on a Junior Mint. "With all of these rose petals covering the body, the killer must have left some finger prints on them." She hopefully stated, licking some chocolate off of her fingers.

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Fenestra | 269 comments "Unlikely. I found a pair of gloves that probably belonged to the killer in the trash on my way in." Imogen heartlessly shot down her partner's theory, leaning over the body. "But why go to all the trouble?" She asked herself quietly. "You're dead. Why should your killer care so much as to clothe you in flowers? It makes no sense..."

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments "I don't know, but it bugs me because i've seen this before..." Shizuka mumbled, twirling her long, light brown hair while she gazed at the generously covered body. "I've seen this..." She absentmindedly repeated.

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Fenestra | 269 comments "You know, it reminds me of this book..." Imogen started, leaning an elbow onto her slim knee. "On the grave? Lay flowers on the...?" She tried vainly to grasp at the title.

message 19: by Rin (new)

Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Shizuka's eyes suddenly lit up, "Flowers for Her Grave!" Shizuka exclaimed, pounding her left fist into her right palm, dropping her box of Junior Mints onto the smooth, hardwood floor. "Oh, no!" She bent down and frantically attempted to pick the minty smelling candies off of the floor.

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Fenestra | 269 comments "Dammit, Shizuka. This is a crime scene. No food!" Im scolded with a frown. "You know better."

"That's the book I was thinking of though."

message 21: by Rin (new)

Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments "If the killer killed the victim like the way the girl in the book was killed that could indicate an unusual obsession with the books." Shizuka suggested while pouring the candy out of her right fist back into the box.

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Fenestra | 269 comments "A copy-killer, if you will?" Imogen followed up, placing a hand on one of her feminine hips and shifting her weight. "Should we go interview the author?"

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Rin (Shizukachan) | 11 comments Shizuka"s eyes lit up, "Let's go! Oh, and i'm driving. She whirled around and rushed out of the room, bolting for the drivers seat.

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