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Nate Summons the chaos is a journal I started on GR years ago (view spoiler) ...I just posted the last entry a few weeks ago but you may find it entertaining to go back and read through some of the entries.
Most of my entries are comical retelling of events, though, not everything in life is funny so there are also some very serious accounts of issues and problems, things others may or may not be able to relate to?

Advisory warning- I'd rate my journal PG15 due to language (some profanity) and some mature content...(Ikr me and mature in the same sentence, smh. jk)

I warn you there are over 100 chapters. Feel free to browse. & Don't be afraid to comment or click the like button. NO pity 'likes' though. Only click if you truly liked what you read. anyway...heres the link.

Tags: adventure, adversity, alcohol, anger, awkward-situations, bipolar, blood, book, boy-meets-girl, cassie, chaos, comedy, coming-of-age, dares, despair, drama, drugs, experimental-drug-use, family, first-love, funny, heartfelt, high-school, hope, hopelessness, humor, humour, inspirational, journal, life, life-lessons, lol, memories, migraines, mood-swings, nate, parent-teen-relationship, personal-narrative, popular, pranks, psychology, random, realistic-fiction, reckless, relationships, sarcasm, sex, short-story-collection, sibling-rivalry, smartass, struggles-triumphs, teen, teen-life, teen-struggles, teenagers, teens, temptations, touching-moments, vampire, young-adult, young-love

*Tags are related to the entirety of the story, not every chapter will include all subject tags. Refer to last chapter - Tag Index for specific tags. (Ie humor, drama, ect. )

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Nate Wanted: A few readers - your mission - check out the journal 'Summons the Chaos' and see if it is worthy of a *like* or comment.

*If not, feel free to abort mission.


If it's a laugh you're in need of, may I suggest these chapters:

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Nate Life in Transition

With such an upscale establishment one would expect to be greeted by a hostess or maitre-d, but they must have all been busy seating other clientele because there was not a soul at the podium that sat just outside the dining area.

So, I took it upon myself and entered the dining area. It was bustling with the waiters and waitresses. The room was filled with the sounds of clinking glasses, silverware against china, and the chattering of many conversations. I scanned the crowd.

In spite of the dim lighting I recognized the curve of her face immediately and headed straight for her. I approached from behind, startling her just a bit as I gently ran my hand across her shoulders and gave her a kiss, then apologized for both startling her and being late. (Though I really wasn’t all that sorry about startling her, I thought it was cute when she jumped slightly at my touch then her eyes lit up realizing it was me.)

Read more here: Indecent proposal

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