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message 1: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 1398 comments Mod
Ever wonder what it means when a character becomes more famous then the person who created them? Perhaps this thought has crossed your mind for one of your characters?

Read the full article here:

message 2: by Renee E (new)

Renee E | 395 comments I'd think it was great. If that were to happen I'd be grateful to my character(s) for taking all the heat and letting me live at least somewhat privately.

message 3: by Lily (new)

Lily Vagabond (lilyauthor) Personally, that would be ideal. I would love for my characters to be well-known, even if no one knows I exist. That way, people could infringe on the characters' privacy all they want and leave me alone to keep writing about the characters.

So, basically, what Renee said.

message 4: by K.P. (new)

K.P. Merriweather (kp_merriweather) | 519 comments Intresting article. I never really thought about it, as I don't think that far ahead, since I'm usually preoccupied with day to day living.

message 5: by Eva (last edited Jul 25, 2014 11:29PM) (new)

Eva Vanrell (evavanrell) | 364 comments I agree with Lily and Renee. I'm such a fangirl that I would love for my characters to be infinitely more well known than me. I'm just peachy staying in the background.

message 6: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Ramos (yramosseventhsentinel) Well, when you have such a memorable character, its the character that sells the book or story. Of course, like everyone, would want to see my mc or any other character names man of the year or whatever lol.

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Roberts | 616 comments I think I would prefer something in the middle. Of course I want everyone to love my MCs, but name recognition is also good. That is how you sell your next book or series.

message 8: by James (new)

James Corkill | 33 comments I think a great character becomes synonymous with the author. Especially if the MC is in a series of stories. Just look at Clive Cussler and his first main character, Dirk Pitt, and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, just to name a couple of great writers who's characters are now synonymous with their names.

message 9: by E.G. (last edited Jul 26, 2014 08:10AM) (new)

E.G. Manetti (thornraven) I have regular fantasies of lines from my novels becoming as famous as Winter is coming . There's no question that people knew the Starks, the Lanisters and Game of Thrones long before they recognized the name George RR Martin.

I would love to be eclipsed by my characters to that degree.

message 10: by Eva (new)

Eva Vanrell (evavanrell) | 364 comments I've had the Winter is coming fantasy as well. What a great line! Rowling's Houses had the same effect too - almost like they became their own characters.

message 11: by Michael (new)

Michael Benavidez | 1720 comments I think that would be an amazing thing to have happen. If a character outlives me, then that is a dream(ish) come true :)

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