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Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments This dormitory is for Blake Kempton ((Aly)) and Woodrow Olkin ((Marissa)). Blake is studying Photography, and Woodrow is studying Math.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((What does the room look like?))

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Catherine (catherine_mooncakes) | 0 comments ((Two beds, desks, dressers, and bookshelves are the standard items, and then it's personalized for interests. Because of Photography, there's a bulletin board and camera available. Because of Math, a whiteboard and helpful books. :-))

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) Woodrows room:
Woodrow has dark blue bedding and pillows. There are three duffle bags in his corner of the dorm, all are different colors for the different sports. The dark green is for Football, light blue for Swimming and grey for Rugby. All of the bags have the equipment needed for each sport. On his desk, Woodrow has two first-place ribbons for math competitions, one trophy for Football, another trophy for Swimming and two trophies for Rugby. There is a whiteboard on the wall and some whiteboard markers of different colors in a cup on the desk. He has a laptop on his desk with the screensaver on and the screensaver has photos of him playing sports, birthday parties, math competitions and other photos that bring a lot of memories for Woodrow. His black backpack is sitting near the edge of his bed with a pair of running shoes next to it. There are also some mathematics books on the side table next to his bed that he uses for homework.

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Milo  Blakes Room:
There is black bedding and white pillows on his bed. A bulletin board with pictures and a camera hanging on a hook. There is a desk with a laptop, books, and papers scattered across. There is a bookshelf over on a wall with all of Blakes favorite books, and some school books as well. On the top of the bookshelf is framed photos. One of him and his girlfriend Victoria. Another is him and his friends back home. One is of Victoria and his sister Carrie. Another is of him and Carrie. And the last one is of Victoria, him, and Carrie. There is also a bedside table that has his tattoo supplies. The closet consists of his black tuxedo. Many dress shirts, hoodies, long sleeves shirts. There is also a small dresser in his closet that has his shorts, pants, T-shirts, and his undergarments.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) Woodrow turned the nob on the dorm door and entered. It was still a little weird to have a roommate, but he has yet to have a conversation with the guy so. He walks over to his desk and looks through the drawers to get the flyers but can't seem to find them. "Where could they be?" he says out loud.

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Milo  ((Lol this was the day I left for summer. I guess Ill reply now XD))

Blake leaned against his wall watching the guy search around for something. He didn't seem to see him so Blake just watched. After a while that got boring so he spoke up, "Anything in particular you are looking for." Blake looked down and realized he probably looked like he was about to murder someone with his stance so he stood up straight, with an awkward smile on his face.

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((lol I have Woodrow rping in three different places including this one now))

Woodrow jumped and looked up to see another guy leaning against the wall but then change his posture. "Just some flyers for a new sport," he replied. Looking confused he asked, "Are you my roommate?" He saw some photos of the guy with some other people on the other side of the room and then looked back at the guy.

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Milo  ((Lol. I don't think it should matter.))

Blake watched the guy jump and turn, he had a confused expression on his face. He smiled brightly and nodded, "Yes. I am." then he walked over to his bed, his combat boots clunking lightly on the wooden floor. He sat down on his bed and clasped his hands. "Need any help?"

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) Woodrow relaxed a little and shook his head, "No, I actually just remembered I left them with my friend." He smiled to show that he was telling the truth. "I'm Woodrow by the way," he introduced himself as he sat on his bed too.

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Milo  Blake nodded and shifted a bit to face Woodrow, to show he was in fact listening. "Alright, that's good. That you know where they are." He looked at his roomates half of the room and back at him. Typical all american boy. Blake chuckled internally and remembered when that was him, "I'm Blake. Nice to meet you."

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) Woodrow smiled a small smile and looked at Blake's side of the room, "You take pictures?" He asked, nodding to the camera.

((sorry its so short))

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Milo  ((It's fine! Mine will be too!))

Blake chuckled aloud this time, "Heh, yeah you could say that." He bit his lip ring and tugged. He tended to do that when he was nervous, or thinking. "Most of my friends and family are photographers. My girlfriend and some of her friends are. And my sister was too."

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((Sorry it's been forever!))

Woodrow nodded, "That's cool."

((Also not sure what to say now so lol))

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Milo  Blake shrugged, "I guess so." He nodded to the door, "Anyway, gotta run. Good luck with whatever you're doing, man." He grabbed his bag and left, waving as he closed the door.

((Kept forgetting to post so I'll end it there. :P))

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Squirrelleap (marissareadsbooks) ((okay lol I didn't know where this conversation was going anyway )))

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