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Kristina (kristinafh) | 1 comments Every once in awhile, I check to make sure that i don't have duplicates on my book shelves. Tonight, this book popped up saying that I had duplicates.

Now, when I usually expand, I'll see that oh - I have both the kindle version and the audible version which is why it shows up as duplicate.

In this particular case, that's not what is happening.

There are three books His for One Night (His #1 purchased Jan 9, 2014, 103 pages), His for Now (His, #2 purchased May 19, 2014, 101 pages) , His Forever (His, #3 purchase-unknown, 84 pages) . I purchased these via amazon and each book is a separate book with different page numbers and printed at different times and 2 of the 3 books have written reviews. I also read them on different dates and rated them differently.

I'm not sure why these books have been folded in and shown as all the same - maybe that's the way the author is packaging it now? Regardless, when I go to Amazon, there's not a series called "His". It's now called "A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance" yet on goodreads, it's under the series of His.

So - 1) Should these three different books - should they have been combined so that they appear to be really one book on goodreads? If not, how do I unseparate them so that they show back as three individual books? 2) Second, when an author renames a series, shouldn't that be reflected in goodreads?

Sorry for the questions - I'm just confused how historical stuff is handled in the present. I read these three books 3-4 years ago and it's going to bother me to have all three show up as duplicates when they were really three separate ones at that time.

message 2: by Bea (new)

Bea I have completed the separation for this book. However, all of the writers works have been combined like this. I will separate and then create series for each, which I suspect the writer was attempting to do.

However, I do not know the answer to the "His" vs "A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance" and will either need another librarian to answer or will have to research it out myself. I will wait until I have finished the other separations and series before working on this aspect of your question.

message 3: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 1044 comments As I see it several books got combined erroneously, so separated them out again. Not sure regarding the rest of your questions.

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23145 comments Looking at the His vs Bad Boy Billionaire, that last one is just a genre tag which librarians would remove, the first one, His, is a genuine series being 3 books with the same characters.

I'd say the author is rebranding her books with new covers & tags.

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