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Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod
The rules:

All you have to do for this is to look for the given words in the books you are reading!

This will be a point based challenge & so we will have a winner at the end of the Hunt..

2 points
will be awarded For every word you find..!! You don't need to find all words to participate. Just find as many as you can & have fun!

Keep your tally in one post. And at the end, post the total list in a separate comment.

So pick up your books and get started! :)

Duration: 3 months from start


1. Binding
2. Book
3. Chocolate
4. Coffee/Tea
5. Collection
6. Diary
7. Fiction
8. Kindle
9. Letter
10. Library
11. Novel
12. Pen
13. Series
14. Story
15. Title

N.B. -
DO remember to post the name of the book where you found the particular word.
You can derive any number of words from a single book if available.

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Vivi | 53 comments I'll play! :)

***Scavenger Hunt #4 (Bookish Theme)***

Duration: July 4th to September 4th, 2018

Words Completed: 0/15

1. Binding:"There hadn’t been any rope or knot binding me to her as I packed my bag and left the apartment that awful night, but there was now."~ The Girl and Her Ren

2. Book:

3. Chocolate:

4. Coffee/Tea:

5. Collection:

6. Diary:

7. Fiction:

8. Kindle:

9. Letter:

10. Library:

11. Novel:

12. Pen:

13. Series:

14. Story: "This is a life story." ~ The Girl and Her Ren

15. Title:

Books Read: 0/15

The Girl and Her Ren (The Ribbon Duet, #2) by Pepper Winters Friend-Zoned (Friend-Zoned, #1) by Belle Aurora

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Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 4745 comments Mod
Welcome to the hunt, Vivi!

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