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Here we can discuss the second half of Far from the Madding Crowd.

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Kinga I read now until chapter 40 and I have few thoughts about it. However I need to metion first that while I'm reading the novel I'm engaged with the story, but when I put it down I'm not inclined to pick it up again. Maybe it has to do with lack of cliff-hangers or that I see it as pleasant enough story, but nothing more.
So my thoughts...
1. Frank Troy.
I knew he would be the manipulative type and I expected romance between him and Bathsheba, but marriage was totally unexpected. But once did that settle into my mind, his behaviour as a husband and new farmer was unsurprising. Now that Fanny has come back I'm curious what is the story, as there seems to be some mystery there. I'm hoping he married her before secretly so his marriage with Bethsheba can be renounced.
2. William Boldwood
Here's the case. I never saw him as a fully developed character, but rather as a paper cut figure falling into one of the schematics. Firstly he was stead fast bachelor who didn't look at women at all, then he was in love and now he's a broken figure
3. Gabriel Oak
He's the steady one in his feelings and actions. He can think rationally and act upon it rather on fleeting emotions as was shown in before storm scene. I hope he will appear more.
4. Bathsheba
At one hand I want to throw something at her for being so stupid and trusting Frank and not seeing through him. On the other I remember well how nothing is rational when you're in love so I can sympathise with her. I still do not approve of her behaviour, at least some of it, but I can explain it. I can only expect that the first rush and charms will loose their hold now and she will think rationally again. I'm not sure how she will get out of her situation she's gotten hersself into, as options for married woman are limited.

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Kinga After few more chapters I am conflicted in my thoughts about Troy. His emotional break down after Fanny's death seems out of character to me. Possibly it's because we didn't have much scenes between Troy and Fanny, and those in the beginning of the novel showed normal Frank and naive Fanny. However his behaviour after coming back is very much the one I expected of him.
Mr. Boldwood is a hopeless character. I dislike when female protagonist's only motivation is love and lacking her own agenda. Now I can say it's the same for me when the situation is reversed.

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