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Dominick (dominickgrace) | 119 comments Re: this book, ISBN 1888472219. The page count reported (240) is clearly inaccurate, though I am unsure what Goodreads policy allows for correcting it. This is a four-volume boxed set, with each volume not only numbered individually but also with each separate issue collected per volume also numbered individually. I have been unable to find any online source that has the correct information. The individual volumes comprising the set are listed on Worldcat, but without page numbers. Other sources (e.g. Amazon) simply list the 240 number. The publisher's site no longer lists the book. However, I have the boxed set, and the page numbering for the fours volumes is as follows:
Two volumes have three subsections of 56 numbered pages each, one has two sections with 56 and one with 72, and one has three sections with 56 and one with 72 (this volume is presumably the source of the 240 page count). Reproduced cover pages are not numbered. Nevertheless, if one just adds up the numbered pages, the total count of numbered pages for the four-volume set should be 704. I hope there is some way to reflect this more accurate representation of the number of pages in this set.

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Z-squared | 8580 comments Done.

Dominick (dominickgrace) | 119 comments Z-squared wrote: "Done."


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