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How did you read this book with it's dual narratives?
Madison Wright Madison Mar 30, 2018 08:06AM
I decided to read the book by swapping between chapters for Lyra and Gemma. So I would read chapter 1 of Lyra's narrative then read chapter 1 of Gemma's. I liked doing it that way because it gave such a cool feel to the story and since the two narratives are on the same timeline I felt as though if you were to read all of Gemma's narrative then all of Lyra's (or vise versa) it would be like reading the same book twice and you would know a lot of the plot twists already. Although, if you did read it like that how was it? I want to know!

Ps. If you haven't the read the book yet and are looking for insight on how to proceed, if you do decide to read it the way I did I suggest you start with Gemma. I started with Lyra but I didn't realize until the end of the book that Gemma had more chapters to her narrative. I think Oliver intended for Gemma to end the story and had I known that before, I would of started with her so at the end I wouldn't end up reading multiple of her chapters in a row.

I read it the same way, flipping between the POVs because I felt that I would feel like I would have lost a lot of the anticipation etc. reading the same thing twice in different POVs.

I read this one on ebook, so the switching POVs was pretty seemless. I have the sequel, Ringer, as a physical copy so I'm curious to see how different the experience is.

I'm having trouble deciding if I felt it was necessary. It's unique, for sure, and reminds me of the 'choose your own adventure' books. But when reading the way I did it felt more effort than if the book would be written/published in that order.

I am curious about people who read it a different way for sure.

Madison Wright Thanks for your insight Becca! I agree, it was a bit tedious flipping over the book every single chapter. Although, it didn't ruin the reading experie ...more
Apr 19, 2018 05:13AM · flag

It was definitely a cool way of writing the book, more interactive for the reader to decide how to read this book. Although I agree with you, it was more effort than necessary flipping the book over every couple of pages and whenever I read it in public people would look at me like I'm completely crazy lol

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