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message 1: by Teresa, Ewok Defender (new)

Teresa Delgado (icecoldpenguin) | 142 comments Mod
We are in the meat of the book and coming to a close. It has gotten pretty intense. Does anyone have any questions or comments from chapters 8-10?

message 2: by Bruce (new)

Bruce | 137 comments I finished the book yesterday. Chapters 8-10 really get things going!

message 3: by Teresa, Ewok Defender (new)

Teresa Delgado (icecoldpenguin) | 142 comments Mod
Oh I would agree they really are the meat of the book

message 4: by Bianca (new)

Bianca (bianca_horkan) | 31 comments If all the previous chapters had been this engaging, I might have liked the book and the characters more.

message 5: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Luz | 23 comments Things really do pick up in those chapters and I did appreciate the various threads coming together. We had, what, four POVs throughout the beginning of the book? Now Vrath met Malgus (though they're separated again) and Aryn and Zeerid are together, and I like the rapport that the latter have.

I had forgotten where it was Aryn and Zeerid encountered T7, so it was nice to see the droid make an appearance. I think it shows just how literal this book is with the idea of the "expanded" universe. If you watch that trailer then read this book, you get stories and background about the Sith Lord, his Twi'lek companion, the Jedi Master he kills, the droid that the Jedi sees during the fight, one of the Sith in the shuttle, and a tiny bit with the Mandalorian. How successful all of these expansions are is debatable, but I still appreciate seeing it. For such a short book, Aryn, Zeerid, and Malgus feel like fully realized characters to me. The rest of the cast maybe not so much, but I'm still having a good time reading.

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