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Was the book REALLY about two Will Grayson's?

I think it more based on the viewpoint of two sidekicks looking at a story from the sidelines, so it's meant to be mainly about Tiny. It just shows that sometimes we give less thought to how the supporting characters feel during a story.

Erika Eroy i guess it is all about will grayson and tiny
Nov 17, 2014 06:26PM
TheJordynator3000 I believe this to be 100% correct as Will 1 makes this realization himself in the story-that he's just a secondary character, always being stuck in Ti ...more
Nov 25, 2014 03:13PM

When i started reading the book, i didnt realized it was 2 Will Graysons. Because they are bit similar in a way.

i think it's more a book about Tiny... but the Will Graysons are the reason it ends the perfect way it does, so...

the title of this book should be 'Will Grayson and Tiny Cooper'
in my opinion

Absolutely it was about two. Two Will Graysons, one straight one gay. Two authors, one straight one gay. Two very different POVs, at least regarding Tiny.

i'm still reading and far as i know i agree with you,its all about tiny...

don't kill me guys... but the book was terrible :c
and yes, cody
too much about tiny

Savannah (last edited Nov 14, 2014 08:55PM ) Oct 16, 2014 07:03PM   0 votes
I personally thought this book was about different timelines with different characterS and how supporting characters are leaders in their own story. Will Grayson 1 isn't sidelined all of the time by Tiny Cooper, and the reason why is because he was always leading his own life. When Tiny wasn't there, it was just Will. Just Will is a main character in his story. The same goes for Will Grayson 2, just under different circumstances. He's made different from Will Grayson 1 for a reason, and that's because to Will Grayson 2, he's just Will Grayson. Tiny Cooper is a supporting character in their story, and the same goes for Maura, etc. You realize everyone is just a supporting character in a different person's perspective, and the same goes for you.

Ok I don't know if I should feel stupid, but I didn't realize the story was being told by two will graysons since the beginning until they met. Did anyone else have this problem????

I think that it was about the will graysons. It is true that tiny was in the book a lot, but that's because he's how they are connected. If it weren't for tiny, neither of them wouldn't have met. tiny is in the book so much because he's an influential character and the book wouldn't exist without them.

Tiny is in my opinion the only redeemable character in this book.
This was simply yet another book about teenagers doing stuff, falling in love, etc. The usual stuff, whatever.

I think it was obviously two different Will Graysons. I, personally, loved Tiny. He made me really laugh. I did like his best friend Will Grayson better than the other one. But I have to say I think this might be my favorite John Green book, besides TFIOS.

Well, it had alot about Tiny but also it mostly talked about both Will Graysons. Plus I didn't feel like mentioning Tiny so much affected the story in a bad way.
Sooooooo, yes.

The book was too much about Tiny in my opinion. They could have written Tiny out of the novel and the novel would have been perfect.
I wanted this book to go in a completely different direction. I shipped both WGs.

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