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message 1: by Benton (new)

Benton Bramwell | 8 comments Hello all,

Want to take a second and introduce my two recent books. One is a new collection on the Book of Mormon, and another is a book that contains all three collections thus far in one book (Poems of the Master, Breezes from the Orchard, and From the Waters of Mormon).

I hope that you enjoy them! Reviews are welcome!

Here is a sample from the new Book of Mormon Collection:

Enos in the Forest

Enos, son of Jacob
Is taught in language of his father
Thus he knows the words he needs
To wrestle long and hard with God
In contest of his conscience

Content at first to hunt large beasts
Yet then puts off the thoughts of wild
As starts to wonder on the joy of saints
And life that lasts for longer
Father’s words he’s heard sink deep inside
And uncover latent hunger

To feed a soul wants more than meat
He aims his prayers of arrows higher
Now each time his bowstring’s pulled
It’s with increased tension of desire
That send up many pulse of prayer
Each one slightly higher
Until in tug from full discovered soul
He pulls to tightest supplication
And sets to sky his perfect shot
That reaches God at zenith
This one plucked by One above
Connects the man with heaven

Then comes to mind the voice he hears
That shows to man God’s full attention
A sure and tender voice makes clear
That acts to full remission
A voice not only speaks but pulls
And takes out all guilt and sorrow
The voice that brings in sweet relief
As trusting Enos lets Him

Then a man reborn and new
Enos starts to labor
Prepares the souls of those he loves
And shares with them rejoicings
That in the end they all might rest
And see their Lord with pleasure.

Copyright Benton Bramwell, 2017

message 2: by Karen S (new)

Karen S Meyer (karensmeyer) | 15 comments Beautiful. Your work is inspirational. I hope others will take a moment and read your work.

message 3: by Benton (new)

Benton Bramwell | 8 comments Thank you kindly, Karen!

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