The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking, #1) The Knife of Never Letting Go question

Thoughts, comments & concerns about the up coming Chaos Walking movie based off of The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
Maddy Wright Maddy Mar 29, 2018 11:58AM
Okay, so I was super excited to hear that this book is being turned into a movie until I looked more into it and now I'm a little worried.

I have no idea how I feel about Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley being casted as the leads of Todd and Viola. Now, I have no doubts about their acting capabilities, what worries me most about these two are their accents. Their both British yet their characters (specifically Todd) has a unique kind of accent, or at least Ness made it seem so in the book. So how is that going to go? I just hope they don't make them American without any kind of accent.

Also, I'm super concerned about Nick Jonas being casted as Davy Prentiss. Physically I can see the resemblance, in fact I think he fits the character quite well. Although, I'm just wondering whether he can pull off this role in terms of skill. Davy is such a conflicting character with so much angst and complexity that I fear Jonas won't do him justice.

I must say though I am so pleased about the actor playing Mayor Prentiss! Hannibal and Mayor Prentiss do have some similar characteristics (their both psycho!)

Cast concerns aside, I am so curious as to how they are going to pull off the noise! Are they going to do voice overs? Or maybe subtitles? It's such a huge part of the book that they have to nail or it could jeopardize the whole movie.

However, my biggest fear is if they mess up the spackle. This, for me, is the make or break factor of the movie. If everything else fails if the spackle are done well I will be satisfied. I'm hoping they limit the CGI or effects they use. I want to see actors with heavy duty makeup, on stilts. Something more real than movie magic effects, it'll be quite the challenge for any make up crew but I think it'd pay off way more than virtually making spackle..

Please leave your comments and thoughts, I want to know how people feel about this!

Don't worry, I used to be exactly like you! As soon as this movie was announced (not like 5 years ago, but recently when Daisy was cast) I was like NO! This is the best effing series I've ever read and they're going to eff it up!

But as time has gone on, I've changed my opinion. I have - not total faith, but some - faith in this film now and I'm VERY excited, so much so that I'm just about dying for some more updates.

I think the cast is perfect. Obviously they're too old, but I think considering, we did pretty well with Tom Holland. Daisy I do think is far too old for Viola, but after seeing that pic of them both, I fell in love with her appearance. I'm surprisingly very happy with the two of them for Todd and Viola, especially Todd. And I think he'll be able to pull the southern accent off since I thought his american accent for spiderman was really good.

I actually laughed when I saw Nick Jonas was going to be Davy. At first I thought it was a joke and since I knew nothing about him I was quite worried, but when I saw the new Jumanji movie, I was convinced. He's a very good actor! Imo he did a very good job on that movie, and I am very excited for him. My main concern here though is that Davy is a misunderstood, conflicted character when we start getting to know the real him in the second book. Nick seems really committed to the movie if you can find any interviews (I've seen some) and I believe he's a serious actor. With the age thing, I don't really mind that Nick's a bit older since Davy's like 16/17 and I think Nick can pull off at least a 20 year old. I think he'll be great, and that's my honest opinion.

As far as the Noise goes, I don't know. The director seems quite passionate about but it who knows how they've done it. At least its there! I was really, really worried they weren't going to put it in, even though it's one of the most important aspects of the story and world.

The Spackle I haven't actually thought about yet. I hope they do it a similar way you suggested; I can't stand CGI when it's relied on too heavily. There are two people cast as 'fisherman' on the IMDb page and if I'm guessing right which I think I am, that's the Spackle Todd.... you knows. So that's interesting I think.

What shits me though is that there are a lot of 'new' characters on the IMDb page cast list. People with character names I know for a fact are not in the books because I've read them a million times and once just recently. But no Jane? No Francia? No Ivan? No Matthew Lyle? I'm just a bit confused about it all. Why add in new minor characters when there are pleantly they've left out?

And something else I noticed.... I don't know for sure if this is real or just something my shitty eyes didn't see properly but, I think they're doing New World with only 1 moon. Why they would, I don't know. But I've seen Tom Holland wearing a Chaos Walking jumper and there was only 1 moon above New World. This might seem like nothing to everyone else but to me, this is a series I've been reading since 2011 and I am in LOVE with New World and it's two moons. It's my favorite symbol of the whole trilogy.

Sorry for the rant! I don't know anyone who has read these books aside from people I talk to on goodreads XD

I hope they retain Todd's mental attack technique of using his girlfriend's name loudly. Those familar with musical instruments should find it amusing.

You're totally right, but for some reason in my head it came out sounding more North American than it did British. Even though Ness has an act for writing books with British characters. I'm just more worried that instead of playing with the accent and the character having one they'll just remove it all together. Hopefully they don't! It'd be very disappointing

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Peter How do you remove an accent? Everyone's got an accent of some kind. ...more
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Peter Thinking about it, words like "yer" and "ain't" aren't necessarily part of any particular accent. They're more mannerisms, and can be used with any ac ...more
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Why assume Todd's accent is American? I must admit that's how it seemed to me as I read it, but British people say "ain't" and "yer" too, don't they?

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