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Winston and Julia in 21st Century
Mehmet Mehmet Mar 29, 2018 07:26AM
Can we have a new story of Winston and Julia in a couple living in the global village of the 21st century? Or do we already have those stories?

1984, From 1949 to 2000+X
"I believe dystopia include too much darkness making it difficult to find light and hope in the systems created, but still expect to see some brightness at the end of the tunnel described throughout the work. It may be difficult to trace such an optimism in “1984”, but it is absolutely a very powerful warning on the consequences of losing human character."


Cartier (last edited May 14, 2018 12:36PM ) May 14, 2018 12:35PM   0 votes
Look whats happening in Russia with people who join the opposition. Basically the same old 1984's plot. That's why the book is so popular down here.
But if you mean just the love story in the book you can also think about any totalitarian country in the world (including Russia) and make up any romantic story by yourself)

It seems to me that the story is everlasting, regardless of what literal time or year it is. Clearly, the events of our world in 1984 did not coincide with the novel's events, however, any year in the future might. So, I believe the novel is set up perfectly to reflect what could become (or may be) our living world, and Winston and Julia's story would be as ever-relevant when that occurs.

Did you read the "what happened" part right before they are arrested. He may have written of a possible future. But we read a simplified portrait of todays society. The 3 countries rule is almost here. EU gets A leader, russia allies with EU. Mainland china annex all neighbours by diplomacy and occupation then they take everything from their coast to new zeeland through antartica(no mans land my ass). Which then forces north america(yes i am including canada) to eother annex or ally with whole south america. Then it is all set up, one alliance is always at peace while the other two shoots down eachothers drones in some BS war between two syrian groups or take each side in an afghan clan dispute. Both which would had about 3 dead and 13 injured if left alone but with hyperpowers meddle there is going to be countless dead and not one of them wear a uniform from either meddling hyperpowers. Injured ofcourse, heroes are a very big part of the war-to-force-patriotism-and-distract-from-sinister-decisions-from-the-leaders. That is why they have been there "fighting" since the ww2 extension korea war ended. I mean saddam hussein was a bad guy for real but not even one nuke was put in when gulf war was fought. These are the guys that dropped TWO of the biggest possible nukes they could build on 2 cities far from frontlines... on women, children, old, crippled and probably a couple of P.O.W:s from their own country. But saddam dishes out problems here and problems there to the extent that somehow afghanistan talibans comes and joins..... but no nukes... why?

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