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The Binding Stone (Eberron: The Dragon Below, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Looking for a fantasy/SciFi book from about 5-10 years ago. [s]

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Josh | 3 comments Read this book about 8 years, ago. It was a mass market paperback at the time, so probably a bit older than that. It was definitely fantasy. I think it may be a dungeons and dragons/dragonlance book, but so far going through all of them I haven't been able to find it. All I remember are a few pieces so possible spoilers ahead.
I remember the book starting with a druid and a warrior in a forest village. The warrior had been a soldier, but left that behind after a war, where he may have done something aweful? I believe he had dark hair and pointed ears and dark hair. The book started with the two becoming trapped in some sort of protective stone circle as they tried escaping some sort of monster. The druid became injured and died very early. The warrior went back to his house and opened a chest of things from his previous life. I remember them making a point about him taking a large broadsword out of the chest. I have no idea whathappens after that, but the next thing i remember is that the warrior and his group, not sure where they came from, who they are, come to this village in a marsh or swamp. In this area there is a haunted castle that no one lives in. For some reason the warrior goes into the castle on his own. He fights through the castle of undead and ghosts and at the end fight some sort of lynch or undead king. When he defeats him he finds either a double sided or double pointed purple sword. When he leaves the castle and looks back it is now just a pile of crumbling ruins. And that all i rememeber. Ive been looking for this book for about 3 years now and it is slowely making me crazy lol. So any help is super appreciated!

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El | 502 comments This is my partner's suggestion, who guessed it after the first line of yours about the druid and the warrior in a forest village, so if this is the actual book, I will be really impressed. :) The Doom of Kings (Legacy of Dhakaan, #1) (Eberron by Don Bassingthwaite? It's an Eberron world, which is a part of D&D.

Josh | 3 comments Hello! It's not that specific one, but when I pulled up that one, I recognized the cover from The Binding Stone which is book 1 of the Dragon Below Trilogy! I thank you so much! its taken me nearly three years to figure it out!

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El | 502 comments Great! And you just made my partner very happy by mentioning The Binding Stone because he also read those. He's nerding out super hard right now. :D

Well, it was a roundabout Solve, but we got there nonetheless. :)

Josh | 3 comments Well thanks to both of you! It now seems the challenge will be to find physical copies lol

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