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Everyone get the reference to 'The Tempest'?
Alan Gerstle Alan Mar 28, 2018 01:14PM
I am going to assume that pretty much everyone figured out the reference from which the title of this novel was taken, even if you only looked at the cover: Prospero, in The Tempest: “and our little life / Is rounded with a sleep.” Is there anyone that didn't get it?

I assumed the title was taken from one of the conversations between Brother Luke and Jude, where he tells him "you got to show a little life, you know", meaning he cannot just lie there when he has a "client".
At first I found it cruel to take this as the title, but I figured it was supposed to allude to how Brother Luke, even after all these years, was the main influence in Jude's life.

Oh wow I also didn't know, thanks!

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No, I did not. But thank you for this info!

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