12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos 12 Rules for Life question

Which rule resonated with you?
Karen Karen Mar 27, 2018 08:10PM
I found this to be an extremely profound book, did you?

So, after reading this book, which rule resonated the most with you and why?

Is there one that you have implemented and what were the results?

"Treat yourself like you would someone you're responsible for helping."

I feel that a lot of us don't realize how rough we are on ourselves and are unconscious of how often we actually put our own selves down. The amount of stress you can reduce just by changing your perception in this way is greatly beneficial not only for your own health but as well as the others around you.

I loved this book. By far the most impactful book i have ever read. I found so much good in this book that it would be hard to start breaking it down here. The main points i took away were...

Tell the truth, or at least don't lie.
Find your own meaning.
Be precise in your speech.
I am now more aware of others and think about how i can do good for them.

The was Jordan Peterson is consistently misrepresented in the media drives me up the wall!!

'Stand up straight' and 'Pursue what is meaningful' both had a strong effect on me (although every chapter stirred something in me).

My favourite part of the book however was the coda section at the back. "What shall I do with my newfound pen of light?" Powerful words.

Be Precise In Your Speech

I adored this book and I think the majority of the rules still continue to impact my day to day life. I think Rule 7 'Peruse what is meaningful not what is expedient' and Rule 12 'Pet a cat when you encounter one in the street' were the ones I wrote down the most quotes from and also the ones I still try and implement in my day to day life.

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