Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life Boundaries question

Would a person who is a New Thought Christian get something from reading this book?
Dianna Dianna Mar 27, 2018 03:18PM
I consider myself a Christian but I don't take the Bible literally and I don't believe Jesus is "God" and many of the other dogmas that I learned as a child are difficult for me to follow. Would I get anything from this book? The premise seems like a good one to study. Also, I do love the Bible and Jesus.

I believe anyone can get something from this book. I personally feel I have strong boundaries, I rarely say yes to things I don't want to do and don't feel guilty for it. I work as a business coach and decided to read this to see if it can help my clients who seem to put everyone's needs before their own.

I didn't know that the author was going to quote scripture when I selected the book and at first, I was put off by it. I think it helps some people give themselves permission to say no and to live their purpose.

For me, this is not a study of scripture, at some point in the book, I stopped paying attention to all the biblical references and only read the other content. I see too many people put their own needs and dreams aside because others tell them to.

The thing I took away from this book for my personal journey is that my boundaries may be too strong. I could do with a bigger gate in my fence.

James (last edited Apr 04, 2018 08:59AM ) Apr 04, 2018 08:56AM   0 votes
The book is written by psychologist. It has some really good points that will be helpful but fails in its attempt in use of theology to support its points. It is written to be Christian based but that is debatable in its use of scripture and psychology.
Dianna, this book is written for people who are really hurting and needs to get a hold of their life. It is an ok book and you may love it but from a biblical standpoint it has glaring flaws.
From reading your post, I want to encourage you to think about who Jesus is? He claimed in Scripture to be God. So is He Lord, a Liar, or a loon (meaning someone who is mentally ill who may think they are someone else but they obviously are not)? We can have a relationship with Jesus Christ today if we want one.
I hope you find what you are looking for.

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