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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. MC romance. Girl goes to a biker bar for help and the guys thinks she is the entertainment.

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message 1: by Shelia (new)

Shelia Williams | 747 comments Looking for MC romance here is what I remember.

The heroine is all dressed up an upset because she just catch her boyfriend cheating. She is in her car driving down a dark road when her car breaks down. She remembers a bar she passed awhile ago an decides to walk back there to use the phone to call a tow truck. When she gets to the bar door the guy thinks she is the entertainment for the night an lets her in after yelling inside that the entertainment was here. She walks in an everybody is looking at her, one of the guys comes up to her an tries to i think start things off but the hero sees that she is as he puts it innocence because she reminds him of his sister (who you later find out that she hangs herself in her bedroom and he finds her). So the hero steps up an pretend to be her boyfriend an he says something like "babe i told you i was busy tonight" and she goes along with him an says "I'm sorry but my car broke down an i knew you would be here". She then at one points go to the restroom an he comes in to tell her that the only way she will get out of there safely she had to do what he says and he would get her out as soon as he could. They end up having sex in the restroom and later she is setting on his lap while they talk about a drug run or something (oh an she is a lawyer) the hero then tells her to go get him a beer an while at the bar getting the beer the Prez comes up to her an questions her about how they met and stuff. The hero comes to her aid of again. Then the real entertainment shows up and the party gets started. She is again setting on his lap watch everything that is going on an catches the prez staring at them while he is getting oral sex so she decides to give the hero oral so the prez does get suspicious because they are the only one not doing anything.

That's all hope it is enough details that someone may recognize it.

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Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
When did you read it?

message 3: by Shelia (new)

Shelia Williams | 747 comments Book found.

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