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World & Current Events > Mail Bombs: Not only in the US but also in India

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Alex (asato)
A "wedding bomb" that killed a newly-married software engineer and left his wife grievously wounded has shattered the peace of a small town in India. Nearly a month after the incident, the police have made no headway. Soutik Biswas travels to the eastern state of Orissa to piece together the story of a killing that has riveted India.
"This looks like a wedding gift," Soumya Sekhar told his wife. "The only thing that I don't know is the sender. I don't know anyone in Raipur."

As he pulled the thread, there was a flash of light and a huge explosion rocked the kitchen. The three were knocked off their feet, and collapsed on the tiled floor, bleeding profusely. The blast had ripped the plaster off the ceiling, blown apart the water purifier, sent the kitchen window flying into an adjacent field, and cracked the green painted walls.

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Ian Miller | 10656 comments Appalling.

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