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[ This is where Sage and Divysashi are rooming together ]

A short dark grey wooden book case was nestled to the right side of the king side bed. The interior walls were a pastel grey color, similar to that of dark cement. At the door stood a girl, her long golden legs illuminated by the moonlight that trickled in through the large glass windows near the bed. Her figure was dark in the unlit apartment studio.

Sage wasn't here, Divyashi knew that. She released a sigh before leaving their room. The beautiful brunette expected to find her roommate in the garage shop where he worked. Often she found him tinkering with some mechanical parts of a broken bike. Sage had short brown spikey hair that flamed upwards, the strands standing straight from his scalp. He possessed gentle brown eyes that often shone as a mixture of grey and golden in the dark.

Divyashi appeared, her heels clicking against the pavement as she entered the garage. "Sage," She called to him, her voice soft and friendly.

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Iroh | 40 comments "yea" sage called out while he was working on the bike, he spent most of the day in the shop and lost track of time. The project he is working on now was taking more time then it needed, but it wasn't to big of a deal for him he enjoyed working on stuff.

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The brunette appeared. Her long golden legs stood at his eye level. "We're going to dinner." She stated with a smile as she peered down at him, his face partially obscrued by the broken bike he was tinkering with. Divyashi had put lotion on her bare legs, causing them to glare at Sage's brown green eyes. Being roomates and long time friends, Sage and Divyashi had developed a routine.

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Iroh | 40 comments Sage checked the time, he was a bit surprised it was not what he thought it was. Standing up to where he was at eye lever with her he nodded “alright let me wash up then I’ll be ready” he said. There was something about Divyashi that made her look more beautiful to sage, sure she looked beautiful but this time she even looked more beautiful to sage then she had before.

He set his tools on the bench and walked over to the sink and twisted the knob which would have water coming out of the faucet and he beganto wash his hands ridding him of the grease “so you’re looking rather gorgeous” he said as he washed his hands “did I forget a special day?” He asked.

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The brunette with the sharp yet thick dark brows rose one, placing a hand on her waist. "Oh really?" She asked with a tease in her tone. Sage was a charming boy that many girls were chasing. "Is it a crime to dress up Sage?" Divyashi added approaching the sink where Sage was cleaning his hands. The pair were attending nothing more than a resturant to eat.

"How was your day Sage?" She asked, always polite towards the brunette whom she had known for the longest time. Divyashi peered at him with a mysterious twinkle in her eye.

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Iroh | 40 comments As sage washed his hands he looked over “no not really usually dressing up means something important is going to happen or has happened” he said. He then turned the water off and dried his hands. “My day was good I spent most of it in here” he answered, “how was yours?” He asked walking over to grab his coat.

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Divyashi rolled her beautiful chestnut brown eyes. Her glance sparkled from the lights above. Outside, a cold breeze rushed through the open door. "Let's go," She said, shuddering, noticeably bothered about something. Under her skin, her blue veins seemed to press against her skin harder, making the blue most visible around her neck. These odd adaptations were something that both Sage and Divyashi had gotten during their school trip to egypt. Their triggering was odd and never timed correctly.

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[ anyone interested in co-owning, moderating a animal sanctuary roleplay with me? people can roleplay as animals and people and basically its a place for humans and animals to love one anohter. ]

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Iroh | 40 comments (Does safe have the same color or is his different)

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( his can be red if you want it to be or black, or even white )

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“Alright alright I’m coming” sage said as he hurried to divyashi something was starting to bothering him but he shrugged it off as stiffness from work. He walked out the door closing it behind him, he stood next to Divyashi “where shall we go?” He asked wondering if she had an idea on where she wanted to eat.

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U awake?

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Iroh | 40 comments (Kinda but a bit buzzed)

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Divyashi looked at Sage and narrowed her eyes. “The chinese resturant you fool.” Smacking him gently on the cheek. She kissed his cheek before leading him to the resturamt, her hips swaying in a beautiful rythm. Her golden tan skin now glistened under the lights from above, but they had a blue tint from her powers triggered by the mysterious breeze. Her veins were much more visible and it looked odd against her body. Where her skin was bear, it was visible.

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Iroh | 40 comments Sage could still feel something bothering him, unknown to him the veins that ran throughout his body began to have a black tint to them. He shrugged it off again hoping the feeling would go away, he then matched Divyashi's pace as they walked together to the restaurant.

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