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Typically clean, rooftops are where most of the windmills are placed as to catch the natural drift in the air and generate energy. Many workmen sit along rooftops gambling and drinking.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai was bored. Of course he was bored. There was nothing he could do. He stood on the rooftops and stared passively over the bustling crowds below him. How insignificant their lives were. Why did they strive so hard to do things? He just couldn’t understand it? Every step they took was inevitably a step closer to their demise.

In a way, he found it amusing, pursing his pouty lips before yawning into his hand. He had nothing else to do but muse over trivial matters. He could watch the group of men behind him gamble their lives away. He did enjoy gambling. It was fun to work his little powers over mortals. Whisper what he wanted into their ears or into their minds and make them make a mistake... so he would win.

A snicker escaped his lips as he headed to a different rooftop, counting the amount of cash he’d swindled that day. He paused as he passed a shrine. Now there weren’t uncommon... in a way they were illegal, but not all shrines and believers of everything could be squashed. Okay. Maybe this could entertain him. To see what people did to give to the Almighty Outsider or whatever. Lame. He could steal their money if they were dumb enough to leave some though.

He decided on that plan and approached the shrine, his eyes passive and expression that of boredom as he entered. He had no desire to worship anyone. He’d been given powers from the Outsider yes... but... what does that matter really? He rolled his eyes at his own thoughts, glancing around to see who would be the easiest person to either off or swindle to get more money.

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The shrine was nestled away behind an abandoned structure boarded up years ago after the inhabitants had been ravaged by a swarm of particularly nasty blood flies. It was shielded off from the rest of the world on a ledge overlooking the bayside and the shimmering, boundless ocean ahead, seagulls chirping in the distance, the sun meeting the horizon and purple hues lighting up the surrounding area. The candles always took on a lavender color around the bonecharms and runs that lined the surface of the shrine, chiming, singing to those nearby.

He admired their effort at the very least, their intentions? Not so much. Most people approached with a specific desire in mind. To end someone they envied, to take from those more fortunate, to rain hell upon their enemies. He was never really up to entertaining their antics. But Mordecai was a bit different. Bored yes, but inquisitive too, precocious.

"Three men built this shrine during the course of an entire Fugue Feast week. They sacrificed the few days a year they have to be who they want to be in order to build a shrine in my name. They picked themselves off like crows to a buzzard, the paranoia coming in the night. Betrayal. Their bodies now fertilize the trees in Cyria Gardens. Pity how humans so easily disregard strong connections and bonds they've made at the chance of furthering themselves. Greed, what a funny concept." he stood at the edge of the building, settled against the wall, black eyes like oily oceans fixated on the man who'd visited his place of dwelling.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments The small satisfied smirk that had been on Mordecai‘s face disappeared swiftly, his multicolored eyes shooting to him. The Outsider... was here? What did he care about being here? Mordecai glanced around, yawning into his hand as he took in the shrine again before glancing over at the Outsider with a bored gaze,”Don’t lecture me like some preacher.” He muttered, walking beside a wall and scuffing some of the runes just to see what other shapes he could make as he glanced over again, smirking faintly,”What’s a lovely thing like you doing in a place like this?” He purred, his demeanor changing in a heartbeat. If this was really the outsider, whom he hadn’t seen in years... maybe this could turn out useful to him.

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There was no movement, no shift in expression, face blank, hands clasped together in front of him as his eyes flickered over the figure before him. Thinking. Always thinking.

The Abbey told stories, most of them were used to scare children into submission but were taken more seriously than they were supposed to be by adults. Stories of The Outsider creeping into bedrooms late at night, tempting people into sin. Stories of The Outsider bringing about mass destruction, leading the weak into doing horrible acts of violence.

"Your intentions have changed, haven't they Mordecai? Do you realize that? Or are you lost in yourself? What an ambiguous man, too afraid to know what he really wants, too lackadaisical to overcome those fears" he explained, tilting his head.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “My intentions have been fulfilled. Not changed.” Mordecai corrected him swiftly, approaching him with a bit of a swagger to his step. “And with that fulfillment, I now have the time and patience to place some of my... desires into other things. Why? What do you think has changed Oh strong one?” He purred, making a little pouty face to feign curiosity in what he had to say as he stood a few feet away, leaning on a wall. If he could get the outsider talking... maybe he could learn some dirt of the other marked ones. Or really anything juicy going on that wasn’t utterly boring or a waste of his time.

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"... I have referred to by many different names. Black Eyed Bastard, the cold one, the stranger, the outsider. Never have I been called strong one, nor have I displayed any traits that might elude to an above average strength." he pointed out suspiciously, still not moving from his spot against the building. His eyes trailed him, watching closely. He was intrigued at the very least.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Oh. My mistake... your arms are quite frail under all that attitude I suppose.” He smirked, actually winking at him before he stepped forward, placing a hand by the wall beside his head. Mordecai was daring to say the least,”Now how about your answer my question Black Eyed Bastard? What brings you here today?” He purred, leaning in, gazing at his face and raising a blonde eyebrow at him.

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There were a few things that were notable in the closeness of their encounter. A thin scar running across his neck, clean cut. The pupils hidden behind the oily black abyss of his eyes, the long length of his lashes and oddly well shaped brows framing his face. He was well trimmed, well cut, but he lacked the signature qualities of a noblemen. His features were not of the modern isles either.

"... They are.. average arms. Not frail nor bulbous like your fragile ego. It seems the years have driven you to desperation dearest Mordecai" he replied, quirking a brow up, not too bothered by the closeness.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai took in the details of his face and hummed in amusement. This was interesting. He wondered if he was the closest person to have ever been near the outsider. But he was also getting a bit annoyed as he eluded his questions. Usually people threw themselves at his feet for attention.

Mordecai yawned in his face, pulling away and stretching,”Me? Desperate? Desperate to get something to eat with my earnings perhaps. But, not driven to desperation - as you so eloquently put it.” He smirked with a roll of his eyes and another wink, a smirk on his face as he returned to the runes on the walls, fingering a few bones in mock curiosity.

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"Even throughout the course of your trials and tribulations, rarely did you stop to glance at a shrine, let alone toy with the bone charms and runes. You've rarely ever been interested in such tedious little things. I approached because your sudden interest caught mine" he explained calmly, watching Mordecai still and raising his brows.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai paused. Why did he come to the shrine today? He had better things to do right? He sighed softly, rubbing his eyes, seeming to be feeling tired all of a sudden. He’d been ungodly bored as of late... maybe that’s what drew him here. This place was taboo. He liked breaking rules. “Perhaps I wanted... validation or something.” He shrugged, glancing at him as he leaned in the wall, feeling tired just from their conversation,”Maybe i wanted entertainment... I don’t know or really care.” He added quickly, glancing away.

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"I can offer you neither" he replied, staring at Mordecai and raising his brows expectantly. "It was a business proposition, the mark. If you're entertained by my mere presence, well that is within you prerogative, but do not expect a show or something to marvel at" he responded coldly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “But why?” He whined, gloomier than normal all of a sudden as he hunched over and sat down, rubbing his face,”Every one of you are so boring. No one offers good entertainment these days...” he mumbled before pausing. If he wanted entertainment.. why didn’t he just entertain himself by using the Outsider? See if he could draw some sort of emotion out. He suddenly looked at him, eyes bright and beautifully mismatched as he smirked,”Have you ever had sex?” He asked bluntly, hoping to embarrass him.

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The Outsider's eyes slowly narrowed on Mordecai and he tensed just slightly. Humans and their odd obsessions with sex. Humans and their odd obsessions with applying sex to him. He could recall the guardsmen chasing street rats and screaming profanities about his southern regions. "outsider's crooked cock," was one of the most popular. And that was just rude.

"No." he said simply, his presence waning just slightly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Man, you couldn’t have made that any more obvious.” Mordecai snickered, getting up again and approaching him. Hm this was curious. Never had the Outsider done something like that? What? Was he some sort of virgin god? He snickered again as he leaned on the wall beside him, eyeing him up and down,”...Perhaps you just can’t get it up?” He asked with a wink, eyeing his lower region bluntly.

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He wasn't completely unfamiliar with sexual activity. Sarang was a very suggestive person but if he were being honest, and also rather unsurprisingly, he was more of a voyeur than an active participant. He'd been put in an extremely vulnerable position before becoming a god, four thousand years ago. The thought of giving it all to one person, letting them see him in that way, there weren't many things he was absolutely afraid of but that was most definitely one of them.

".... This is an odd subject of conversation." he pointed out, eyes flickering over him skeptically.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Mmmm So that’s it. You can’t get it up. Are you tiny? Maybe that’s it too. What, Outsider got some insecurities?” He demanded, pretending to be shocked before he leaned up agaisnt him, his hands resting agaisnt his chest. Mordecai could be quite up front, eager to get what he desired until he lost interest in it,”mmmm May I see?” He purred, slowly beginning to slide down, smirking at him.

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He almost immediately dissipated, turning up several feet behind him, leaning against the wall still, "Insecurities are the burden of those who aim to impress others." he explained calmly, still looking just the slightest bit frazzled by the situation, disheveled even. He wasn't used to people being so touchy. Excluding Sarang.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai grunted as he fell agaisnt the wall when he had vanished, casting a slight glare over his shoulder as he stood and brushed himself off,”You must have a lot then huh?” He asked, running a hand through his hair and stretching,”...obviously you do. You just ran from a confrontation.” He winked,”So I suppose you’re scared of other people huh? Cause you don’t have anyone? Hmmm... someone lonely?” He teased, glancing over his shoulder at the view boredly.

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"Your grasping at straws that don't exist." he pointed out, watching him quizzically. At the least, he was intrigued. Which is what he figured Mordecai was trying to do, keep him here. But why? Why was he so suddenly interested in him?

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Yeah they obviously don’t exist...” he rolled his eyes and stepped off to the side again, might as well get some information. “So how have things been? The void? Lovely I presume?” He asked,”and the other Marked ones? Anyone you favor more than me?” He batted his eyelashes at him, sticking out his tongue.

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A few people came to mind, Sarang, lust, the pretty little dove who nestled on his window sill every so often to taunt him. He was a bird never to be caged. To say that he favored Sarang would be inaccurate. They had a different type of bond. There was Lekivian too. Leki and he also shared an odd bond. Something void driven. He didn't not favor greed. It was just complicated. "... the void is stagnant and it never changes." he replied with a small shrug. "What are you really trying to accomplish?" he questioned.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Do you like me? Do you care for me?” He batted his eyes at him, waving a hand over his shoulder,”I know you favor certain people... others more than I. I’m just sort of the extra hmmm?” He chuckled a little bitterly. Not that he cared. He just hated when he was labeled as not good enough like the others. Sloth. Everyone assumed he would be fat and ugly and lazy... and while he was lazy, he was not the other two in the least. He huffed, lost in his own thoughts as he glared away.

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"Why is it that you're so adamant on receiving futile validation from a figure of myth? And what if I did happen to favor you? Would that change anything? Would the world stop turning, seas rise up, sky turn black? Nothing would happen. My input on society is irrelevant, how I may or may not feel about particular people is moot." he retorted, narrowing his eyes.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “...Perhaps.” Mordecai murmured, looking thoughtful as his eyes flickered over the horizon. He didn’t want validation in reality did he? He just wanted some fun. Something interesting. But he didn’t know what. And just the thought of not knowing what he wanted made him tired. He slumped against the wall, closing his eyes and just giving a small shrug at him.

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The Outsider went silent, the expression on his face changing. He looked tired, youthful sure and perhaps even a bit ethereal in some odd void way. But he was exhausted. He'd been tired the moment he stepped foot onto the charcoal platforms of the void, suspended in the vast and boundless nothing. "... This may be the last time we speak" he admitted quietly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments That made Mordecai pay attention again, his eyes wide as he snapped to look at him. “Why? What is wrong?” He demanded, getting to his feet and once more approaching him, this time a real look of concern on his expression as he eyed him, noticing now the signs of exhaustion, something he was very used to himself.

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There was a moment of silence as The Outsider collected his words. His gaze trailed the ground up Mordecai's figure before meeting his eyes once more. The arms interlocked over his chest tightened and tensed as he tried to find the right way to say things. Lately he'd been finding it more and more difficult to speak in the long winded monologues he used to.

"A new era. One with which will find itself at the feet of a different deity, however they so choose to make themselves known. If they are to make themselves known that is. The power will be in their hands, how they decide to utilize it, who they decide to visit, is near completely up to them. Excluding the demanding nature of the void of course" he explained it rather casually, taking a different tone than he had before.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai looked more and more confused the longer he talked. His mind was currently lagging. He didn’t want to think hard. He glared away and ran a hand through his hair with a huff. He didn’t understand. But he didn’t want to look stupid. Not in front of the Outsider. He grumbled to himself as he fidgeted once more, skin mumbling,”So.. what does that mean... for you? And for me?” He mumbled softly, chewing his lip as he slurred his words a bit, his drawl back in his voice.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments ((Yo?))

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<< ah sorry ive been out today! my cats been having a lot of problems lately so idk if he'll make it past tonight >>

The Outsider was hesitant, tilting his head and thinking it over slowly before he could communicate what he meant. It wasn't an easy topic to talk about, it wasn't like he had much experience with dying. He'd seen people die in every possible way, some ways excruciating, others so blissfully peaceful he almost felt an envious resentment. But he had never died himself.

"... To claim that I have omniscience would be preposterous, a complete falsehood. To be honest, dear Mordecai... I haven't the slightest idea of what will happen to you, or to this world, without a harbinger of the void, without a representative to direct its power. The void houses a representative for thousands of years at a time and occasionally goes dormant for thousands more, unmanned, without a head to its body. I imagine you wont be affected directly. Your tether will remain, my gifts to you not taken where you stand. The mark may dissipate from your skin but you will never cease being a conduit for the void." he explained vaguely, frowning just slightly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai nodded and looked faintly relieved for a minute before his face scrunched up a bit and he looked st him once more,”...But you... you’re saying you wouldn’t be around anymore. You’d just... disappear or something?” He asked, looking skeptical. He’d never heard of the Outsider dying... that was just... crazy to even think about. He was so powerful and such a revered person in so many cases. He glanced at him, eyebrows raising expectantly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments ((Bro I’m sorry, go ahead and take care of your cat. Take your time.))

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"There is a ring of truth to that line of thinking." he responded simply, briefly. Which was odd considering that brevity wasn't The Outsider's typical form of speech. He figured The Abbey would still find excuses to pin things on him once he was gone. The Empire bowing to their every whim, a religion founded upon hating him and every form of practice. But they'd begun losing their sway as of late.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai looked away again, slowly sinking down the wall, rubbing his face and then gazing at him with half-lid eyes. “....You got another form or something less ominous? I need a strong drink and someone to come with me.” He demanded suddenly, raising an eyebrow at him as if to say ‘and guess who I’ve chosen to be that someone’.

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The Outsider stared at him and slowly shook his head, "... bring the booze back here." he said simply, glancing over the slums and furrowing his brows faintly, "I will be here, waiting."

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments "....Honey, I don't think you recall... but I am the embodiment of sloth courtesy of yourself. You think I'm going to leave, go get booze, and walk all the way back with it?" he asked with raised eyebrows, seeming amused by just the notion of it.

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He stared at Mordecai, eying him up and down, "Your sin does not define you. I chose you for sloth because you had the closest characteristics but you are not compelled to act that way. If you so desired, you could change. Humans are flexible creatures, not stuck in some static state, unable to change according to their situations." he replied, tilting his head. And of course Mordecai wouldn't need to walk, blinking around was always an option too.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai looked faintly offended by his words. Maybe he was just a lazy good for nothing idiot. Like his family had always told him. He stood with a huff, straightening his jacket and glaring at him before he walked out muttering,”Stay here.”

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There wasn't exactly anywhere else for him to go. Nowhere he needed to be, nothing really to look forward to. So he waited, leaning against the wall and eavesdropping on curious conversations.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai returned an hour or so later, obviously having gotten sidetracked as he walked in and dropped food and booze on a table, pulling up at chair and digging in silently.

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The Outsider hadn't moved at all from where he stood, dissipating into black shards before reforming just beside Mordecai, "... Something kept you?" he questioned calmly.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai jumped just slightly as he reappeared and glared at him,”Yeah. I guess. I fell asleep at the bar.” He shrugged simply, shoving booze towards him in annoyance. Somehow knowing the Outsider was going to leave bothered him immensely. Maybe he was kinda lonely.

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The Outsider wasn't usually affected by booze which was another side effect of being stuck, suspended in a static range of unmoving emotions and dulled senses. Both terms being incredibly loose in this situation. His eyes scanned the bottle and he noticed Mordecai had gotten a rather cheap brand, "... why is that" he asked, tilting his head.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Why is what? I was tired. Piss off.” He grumbled as he grabbed the more alcoholic drink of the choices, beginning to drink boredly, still seeming suddenly closed off a bit.

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There were several moments of silents that followed and The Outsider couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he simply didn't speak at all, if he left then and there. But he didn't. He sat down, which was out of the ordinary for him. He poured himself a drink even, his movements seeming oddly methodical. "You are upset." he said, a statement, not a question.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments Mordecai swung his head back and chugged some of the strong alcohol. Sitting up and wiping his chin from the drips he’d missed as he rose an eyebrow at him,”Yeah, what’s it to you? You ain’t got nothing to worry about...” he shrugged,”I’m not powerful. I ain’t wrath.” He shrugged boredly, glancing away.

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"Wrath is powerful" He nodded in agreement, And terrifying he thought to himself, tilting his head before glancing back up at Mordecai and sighing quietly, "You are worried?" he questioned.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 106 comments “Worried? I have nothing to worry about. I have nothing to lose.” He shrugged, glaring away as he fidgeted in his seat. Yes he was worried. He knew the Outsider was an important figure to society, and he didn’t like the idea of having other powerful beings in charge.

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