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With Charity for All: The Terrible Truth of Charitable Failure
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SOLVED: Non-Fiction > SOLVED. Non-fiction: Truth about child sponsorship and charities. [s]

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Tree | 2 comments I don't have much to go on with but a few days ago I remember very briefly seeing/hearing about a book that talks about why you should or shouldn't sponsor a child or give to a charity. I suppose the author goes into deep research into the organisations to investigate the effectiveness of charity organisations or if some are corrupt.

I either heard it on a podcast or had a glimpse on a web page hoping I'd remember it someday but recently I got approached by some sponsorship evangelists and I didn't really have a solid answer except "I'm poor and need to research first". The latter definitely holds true.

Sorry no title or author, that's all I got :(


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Kris | 35166 comments Mod
Tree, around what year did you read hear about this book?

What types of charities are discussed in the book? Emphasis on certain countries?

message 4: by Tree (new) - added it

Tree | 2 comments Hmm! I think it might be that one El! Or a step in the right direction at least.

@ Kris: Well I heard it maybe a week ago this year but no idea on publishing date, only what I mentioned first post. Literally saw the front title of the book and even that is unreliably hazy...

Cheers boys I think we can consider this case SOLVED!

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