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WIP goes here

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Hammie | 126 comments Big time 0of- I should really work on Narissara more but I'm caught up in another character

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brainstorms and notes directory

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments (view spoiler)

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Hammie | 126 comments description
Alexandrea Elise Bethlehem - Noble Fashion Designer/Gambler
FC: Eva Mendes
-Will gut you like a fish
-Out to kill Jing
-***Gasolina plays in the background***
-Sass Master[TM]
-"Strip poker!!!!!"
-Casually melodramatic
Katherine Abbott - Black Market Saleswoman
FC: Alycia Dbnam-Carey
-Gonna get destroyed by Sarai
-Kick ass, go to space, represent the human race
-Fragile like brittle fuckin i r o n
-Shitposter, probably
-"let me see what you have? ***A K N I F E*** NO!"
-Best Girl I Have
Narissara Koslov - Witchy Maid
-Bunt Bitch
-In a v loving poly w Ashley and Nnerka
-Gonna hyuk your shit up
-"Yknow lets be honest here, if I killed myself, the problem would be gone!"
-H8t flows through her
-Crumbles like brichetta cheese around snakes of any kind
-She may be smol, but she is not a bol.
Fuckin Names Man - Bouncer at The Golden Cat
FC: Chadwick Boseman
-Yknow that trans mama? He want her. He want her b a d.
-Gonna Have A Bad Time[TM]
-Looks hard. Is soft. But only to other softs.
-Screams of the damned surround him
-Likes the people, not the work
-"bUT I WOULD WALK 500 MILES ANDAH I WOULD WALK-" always in his head.
Casimir Brecht - Assistant to Ishmael Also Test subject
FC: Tom Holland
-Is a puppy
-Smol, will fite you
-"What was that? Sorry, I was- *squeaks* oH LOOK A SHOE-"
-Probably gonna get his ass beat, despite fite readiness
-Did I mention he's a puppy?
-***Gets flustered*** ***Calls someone sir in a somewhat mean tone*** ***GETS EVEN MORE FLUSTERED***
-Really, he's just- He's so hopeless.

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Hammie | 126 comments description
Daymen Eberhardt
FC: Eddie Redmayne
- A Weirdo[TM]
-Brings a knife to a gunfight
-A squeaker
-You need 100 coin to unlock his Tragic Backstory
-Murder Boyfriends is a thing
-No don't actually I don't want your pity and neither does he

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 3 comments part 1

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 3 comments part 2

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━━━Name: Richard Dosuorm Unorlox the III
▸ Age: 29
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: 24/2

▸ How Long: 9 years
▸ Mark Location: Middle of the back
▸ Why Marked: Richard interested the outsider based on his complete rejection of both him and the overseers and apparent role later on, that he doesn't worry about
▸ Mental Stability: 7
▸ Power Level: 9

▸ Eye Colour: Dark Orange
▸ Hair Colour: Brown
▸ Height&Weight: 179 cm and 89 Kg
▸ Their Faction Colour: Dark Orange
▸ Any Visual Quirks: A mark in the middle of the back and heavy scars on his upper legs

▸ General Description: Richard is a very much a person who enjoys the finer things in life, you can often find him lounging around in a part of his base reading a book or admiring some art, moving as little as possible, he lives life as basically a big way to relax and just lazes around, and tries his best never to get stressed and just enjoying the finer things in life without real regard on how he gets them. However he is actually quite generous, liking to give gifts and allowing his 'family' to in the best life they can, and organising very personal rooms and positions for them within his business, probably the closest that comes to effort from.

He is also quite curious, loving to collect pieces of art, historic book and hearing the latest going ones, even willing to accept them for payment for his services, part of the reason he despise the overseers is how much history they not only keep to themselves but even destroy it, he really doesn't do anything about it, outside of collect it.

People often underestimate his abilities based on the fact he really doesn't do much and basically lounges around all day, and in truth he really isn't the greatest combatant, however his powers give him a great advantage and he is not a useless swordsman, having practised in early life and learning to fight dirty later in life. However he does make up for it for knowing, well a lot of things and having a very large collection of valuable books and rare relics, that he protects, he is willing to let others look, but their is a price, and only if you can convince him you are trustworthy.
▸ Habits and Quirks: He takes naps very often and is quite a heavy sleeper, though he doesn't mind being waken up. Is you were to see him without giving him time to prepare, you would probably find him in old clothes he being wearing a few days, or nothing.
▸ Unique Powers:
Vitality Drain: With touching someone, he can drain the energy from someone, making them more and more tired and weaker
Dream manipulation: He can enter and manipulate the dreams of people around him and people he knows
Crippling Nihilism: Once a day, he can emit a aura around him that makes people around him stop caring about anything at all, including their lives, they simply don't care, it simply stuns marked individuals.

▸ General Description: Richard use to belong to a noble family, a quite powerful one as well, since birth he was use to a life of luxury and relation, being the 4th son meant he really didn't have many responsibility and as such he was allowed free reign to relax and have some fun, except for some study and sword play simply for tradition state. However when he was 15 his family home was stormed by the overseers, the family has been a long practises of outsider rituals and many of them killed, him only getting away by virtue of not really being involved, seeing it as a bunch of nonsense as such when they stormed the area and investigating, he could run into the city where they couldn't find him. He never saw his family again,

Once in the city, life became tough for him, he in truth really didn't know how the world worked and he never worked a day in his life so he had natural trouble fitting in, however he learned quickly about playing dirty and even with him limited combat ability, he was still better then most and as such quickly became involved in gangs, however he hated it, he did it to live, but he despised the city, he hated working, hated the people he worked with for being cruel to him and living his life this way, always anxious and worried for his life, he would always take the easier jobs and would never fight for the loot, just wanting to be left alone. During this time, he grew to hate the overseers and the outsider, blaming them both for the death of his family, cursing them every night in this new life bought him little joy and he continued to be live like this, learning more and more about life in the city, and how to tell the difference between a fact and fiction in rumours.

With him not usually doing higher end missions this left him often enough along with the newer recruits and "girlfriends" of other members of the gang, and with them, he started to build his network, just by being kind and showing them respect, he slowly gained their trust and his networked grew, with that, he slowly started to gain information on others, and ever so slowly, started to build up his network and organise his plan to not only take over, but change it, to him he realised from talking to the new recruits, that a lot of them want the same thing, a proper home and a way for an easy life, and that is what he wanted to do, somehow. First, he though, he has to take over, which he wasn't sure how to do that
▸ Familial Relations:

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 Bird boy? 

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Hammie | 126 comments description
FC: Orlando Bloom
-Bird Boi #2
-Asshole of the year
-He hates his witch. 'Nuff said.
-Might've been a lil messed up in the process.
FC: Aiysha Heart
-Will hyuck your shit up
-An actual scorpion
-Bubble Bubble toil and trouble
-She is. Obsessed. W the Snek.
-Smooth as HoneyTM

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Turner [hiatus] | 21 comments Noa pt 1
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Turner [hiatus] | 21 comments

Luck brought her to a particular social event not too long after gaining her gift, and her new ability allowed her to identify another guest at the party as someone with abilities. Abilities she might gain. Her heart pounded and she must’ve looked a nervous wreck, but she finally managed an introduction. And something stuck to her, she wasn’t sure what, overwhelmed by the odd way the information felt in her head, words and feelings dancing around one another, not given enough time to sort themselves out, instead grabbing hold of something with thorns and imprinting it on herself. She itched to use it immediately. Surely she looked mad - at least one person asked if she was feverish, and more than one whispered behind hands - but she had something.

As soon as she returned she eagerly struck out - not at a person, no, she’d need some kind of practice - and promptly destroyed a dress figure as a rush of thorns and ivy exploded from within. It was terrifying, but exhilarating. Practice, then. She’d need practice. The next attempt was slow, calculated - after a careful luring and feeding of a local crow - and she carefully noted and observed the effects of the ability even as she itched to use it again. Finally, after a particularly awful night of with the man she cringed to think of as her husband, she snapped and let her curiosity get the better of her, unleashing the stolen ability only to feel it fall flat. Nothing happened. She was angry, felt betrayed and hungry to get another power -- something better, something that could finally stop the bastard. But the opportunity didn’t arise. Because her husband suddenly took ill. A twisted satisfaction grew in her as she watched him fall to the blood that choked his lungs. It took months. Months of being told she could be strong for him. Of society ladies and gentlemen that sent well-wishes, hoping for a quick recovery. Fuck a quick recovery. She wanted him dead. And eventually he was, fallen to the single pathetic rose that managed to prick a lung.

Once he died she inherited his fortune. The Lady Rutger. She hated the title, but being free to run her own life - at last, out from under the thumb of governesses, parents, husbands - it was euphoric. She got a single invite to a social event, and there she was set upon by older women grieving and wailing about how sad it was to be a young widow. She wasn’t sad. And she hated these wives. So she turned her attention to the things she’d always wanted to do but never had the chance to. Outings to the theater were quickly cut short by the stares she got, but she found a new place. A place where no-one would question her coin and wouldn’t judge her single status: the Golden Cat. She’s made a couple visits, introducing herself as Noa Flynn again, and finds it her new favorite place, despite its occasionally questionable clientele. She spent the entirety of both short visits watching showmen perform, but intends to continue exploring.

▸ memorable events:
- A few months before being married off she snuck out to observe the fugue feast and witnessed man’s depravity in its most glorious state. She caught a dance by the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen, and was thoroughly seduced -- though didn’t engage with the woman beyond a strong pining that lasted into the next dull year.
- Marriage and moving to Dunwall
- Getting the mark/taking her first power
- The death of her husband, and the day she signed the papers to take control of the estate.

▸ familial relations:
- She has two parents back in Morley - assuming they’re still alive. Their names are dirt to her, and she never intends to speak to them again.

━━━ extra
▸ zodiac: Scorpio
▸ theme song(s):
▸ voice:
▸ singing voice: AURORA

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open your (view spoiler)

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beom-soo/bernard (view spoiler)

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