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? How do you correct book data on GR? Become a librarian?

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OddModicum Rachel (oddmodicumrachel) | 18 comments I'm newish here (hey, everyone!)... and am continually running into flat out wrong info in GR book descriptions. Wrong series name or needs to be added to a series; stuff like that. Anyone have any idea how to go about correcting that? I assume its possible since there's people floating around with 'GoodReads Librarians' tags on their profiles, and it seems that they earned those tags through updating/correcting book data. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much! Not sure if this is the right place for question like this. Still having issues navigating the quagmire of GR groups. ;) BTW, anyone looking for gr friends, I'd be thrilled to add ya!

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G.G. (ggatcheson) | 169 comments You can join this group
The moderators are the ones taking care of everything so if you see a mistake or anything you can always pinpoint it to them and they'll check it out.

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