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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Boss/employee relationship series, can't find the name of. [s]

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Sana | 9 comments The book is a boss/employee romance novel and has a bit of an age-difference factor as well. The girl is poor and lives with her mother until her mother dies in a fire I believe. She ends up moving in a car and gets married to a friend but they never pursue a physical relationship because the guy was abused in the past.

Fast forward, the girl is transferred to a company upon a recommendation and she meets the guy she will fall in love with. The guy is the owner/CEO of the company, the guy really likes her but finds out she's married so doesn't pursue her. The girl divorces her husband because her husband was given an assignment that takes place in the middle east. The boos finds out that the girl is not free so decides to pursue her slowly, but there's one scene where the girl spills a drink on her shirt so she goes into a room to change but the boss walks in on her and they end up making out. They get into a relationship. That's majority of the plot line that I remember, I'm gonna live in a few scenes at the bottom that I also remember.

1) the girl's mother was an author but I believe she suffered from a bipolar disorder, she tries to find a book that her mother wrote and ends up finding one of her mum's close friends.

2) the girl's building is burnt

3) the girl is very cautious about a day of the week.... its either wednesday or thursday... says bad things always happen on that day

4) the cover of the page has a blonde girl on it

And that's all I remember. If you happen to know the name of the book please let me know.

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Sana | 9 comments YES.

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