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Soap with Aspergers?
Sechin Tower Sechin Jul 24, 2014 06:40PM
I was just wondering if anyone thought Soap had Aspergers in Mad Science Institute? A few people have contacted me to ask if I wrote her that way. I don't want to say because I want to know what you think, but I will say that one of my favorite things about writing the sequel is that I could go much deeper into who Soap is and how she thinks.

Hi Sechin,

While reading the book it never crossed my mind that Soap might have Aspergers, but I didn't know what Aspergers was either, so my input probably doesn't count. I've just looked it up and from the description, I can say that she definitely has some of the symptoms, so may be a likely candidate. I Can't wait to read more about her.

If you've read the second book, you know it comes as a small shock to Soap and she has to struggle with the idea (and her own stigma). Moving forward, however, I think she'll put it behind her not because she achieves peace over the situation, but more because she's simply too obsessed with other things--primarily things of a robotic nature. The third book (which is nearing completion now) will follow Dean instead of Soap so we will see a little of how others have to interact with her, but I likely won't revisit this issue until the fourth book (if there is one).

Yes!! I did wonder. With how autism is being defined/redefined, I wondered if Soap would read about it ad nauseum? Think it all a load of crap? Wonder about robotic conspiracies? Just continue to cope while making fun of herself as well?

I had lots of questions -- nothing unusual there...

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