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              ❝ M A R K E D▾ (eight, each unique in their own ways)
He marks them with the potential to turn the tides of history.

    There Are Eight
⇁ (olly outtie) - Royal Purple [Lust]
⇁ (fiend) - Pale Pink [Gluttony]
⇁ (Hammie) - Pale Blue [Envy]
⇁ (badger) - Wine Red [Wrath]
⇁ (boxboy) - [Pride]
⇁ (turner) - [Greed]
⇁ (kaos) - [Sloth]
who are you

Each Marked One has a color that symbolizes the division that they own. The members of their division wear these colors on the given uniform, which is typically something a bit form fitting, light weight and easy to move around in. Some even choose to wear masks. The Marked Ones can transfer certain abilities of their own to the members of their factions, which links those members directly to the Void. Each Marked One also has three of their own unique abilities, each one molded around the kind of person that they are. Please request them in pm so we can discuss the details.

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              ❝ O V E R S E E R S▾
Wherever the Overseers go, common folk tremble, and brother accuses brother

    Ranks of Corruption
⇁Militant Overseers + D Class
-Trained in combat and combat only and often accompanied by dogs, the vast majority of Overseers are militant. They are the expendables, enforcing the strictures onto the public with guns and long swords always at the ready. This unfortunately means that a large percentage of them aren't very intelligent, but of course that doesn't mean that they can't be.

The Composers + C Class
-While not opposed to raising their guns to a cause (like most overseers), the Composers spend their time reading and collecting information from around the Isles. They are most often seen speaking to large crowds, holding sermons, teaching the strictures that they've learned from childhood, and writing books for the people of the Isles.

Elite + B Class
-Usually wealthy and in the "know," the Elite Overseers don't spend their time patrolling dark dusty streets at night or even teaching the strictures to the illiterate majority, instead they have the luxury of traveling and making political decisions with the Head Overseers of each sect that they're in. They most often fall to corruption but easily slip from the grasps of the law by paying off the right people. They are military strategists, tasked with assisting the head overseers.

Head Overseers + A Class (Request)
-Typically born into the system, they are very privileged members of The Abbey who most often abuse their power. No one can question them of course, because of their rank alone. They're notorious amongst the lower districts of the Isles for being especially brutal without having too much provocation.

High Overseer
-There is one, and only one. Historically they've all been pretty corrupt. They get what they want, when they want, and how they want it. This position is available for request.

   The Strictures and The Brand
-The Seven Strictures are the core principles that the Overseers teach and reinforce. From these principles stem all manner of rules, social codes and beliefs about the cosmos, as dictated by the Abbey of the Everyman.
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              ❝ A G E N T S▾ (you do not need to request)
They follow in the footsteps of truth, seeking awareness outside of themselves.

      Each Marked One can choose to give some of their power to different people and form street "factions" comprised of those who do their bidding. The members are called agents and they are identified by the color that they wear. Each agent can choose one of the three powers that is unique to the marked one while still receiving the default set.

--Default Includes:
Blink (mid range teleportation)
Senses Intensified
Faint Telepathy (mental link between faction members)

    There Are Eight Divisions
Habbit Royal Purple [Lust]
-His faction is very tight knit, almost to a point of uncomfortable intimacy. There aren't many within it, and those that are chosen by the Habbit himself are given a certain.. special treatment. Often they will take contract jobs. But usually they make their money by stealing, taking, or charming their way into the pockets of nobles or higherups. Settled in Dunwall.
────Powers: choose one, darling
    -Charm (prolonged hypnotism)
    -Candy Kisses (contact with the lips acts as aphrodisiac)
    -Breathless (force choke a bitch from afar)

Lekivian Pale Blue [Envy]
-His faction is a little larger than the others but manageable. Those in it are usually drawn from the lower classes, and almost always have a direct connection to Leki. They work more as rebels than anything, almost a Robin Hood operation of stealing from the rich, giving a piece to the poor, and then keeping some for themselves. However they never kill. Other than this, members make their money from odd jobs, some requiring their strengths and others not. Settled in Karnaca.
    - Identity Theft (disguise yourself as another)
    - Prying Eyes (knowing the weaknesses of an enemy)
    - Seeing Double (creates two clones, one of weaknesses one of strengths)

Sarai Wine Red[Wrath]
Her faction is more like a band of misfits than anything, treating each other like annoying little siblings rather than partners in crime. They pretend they hate each other, but everyone knows they'd risk their lives when it comes down to it. They mostly do mercenary work, but also the occasional roughing-up of someone who hasn't made good on their end of a bargain. Settled in Karnaca.

    - Feral Mind (berserker mode)
    - Bloodlust (increased strength the more injured the user gets)
    - Arsenal (able to summon fangs, claws, clubbed tails, etc)

Sarang Pale Pink[Gluttony]
Settled in Dunwall.

    - Insatiable (make people hunger desperately for anything at all)
    - Harder (makes people around user more aggressive)
    - Rose Garden (a flower blossoms within those around the user, until its thorns rip the person apart from the inside out)

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              ❝ W I T C H E S▾ (you do not need to request)
They dig into earth with careful hands and sculpt the void to their demands.

       While they do not hold any particular tethers to the Void aside from ancient artifacts and runes carved into the bones of whales, Witches are incredibly apt in the field of botany. Studying plant life, creating medicines and poisons. There are many covens that make a living off of their products, from the common bath soaps to dangerous drugs and narcotics. They even trade with the black market from time to time. Witches can come from a diverse set of backgrounds socio economical states, they typically do not discriminate against one another, acting as families and dependents.

    Coven Wars
Considered the lowest on the Abbey's list of priority targets, the Dyerhaven Witches typically spend their days brewing and gossiping amongst each other. They take refuge in Karnaca, more specifically, the outskirts of Cyria Gardens, where they've build homes atop trees that are massive and hulking. Most don't even know they're up there. Their magic isn't considered evil, and thus many even freely sell medicinal supplies to the Abbey itself. Personality wise they're free, accepting, and a little on the crazy side, but they do not worship gods and they don't have a stance on the Void. They also kind of smell like a certain hallucinogenic plant..

Composed of women and men from all social classes in secret, Brigmore is settled in Gristol and mainly in Dunwall due to the location of the Golden Cat -- which is its main base of operations. Those within the coven are devoted to otherworldly knowledge and desperately attempt to contact The Outsider in order to have his audience. The study the constellations, the world around them, making potions and charms, but most of all, they look out for one another.

Debokva Coven
The eldest witch coven in the Isles, the witches of Debokva narrowly escaped the burning of Whitecliff. Rarely do they leave Tyvia, where they can practice their magic without needing to worry about being caught by rampant Overseers. But when they do, what a sight to behold. Some even claim that the witches of Debokva are immortal, that they witnessed the death, and consequently birth of The Outsider himself. Revered amongst all witches, there isn't a field of study they don't dabble in.

    Key Information
While witches can have the typical familiar, an animal that follows them and is apart of them in some ethereal bond, there is another more sinister practice that is common amongst every coven. Taking someone off the streets and altering their very genetic codes, making them half human half animal and using them to do their own bidding... or sometimes simply for company. Each familiar is marked by the crest of the witch, a symbol that can be as simple as initials. Yes. You can make one. They have to be connected to a witch.

Curiously, while witches don't get along with Overseers in the slightest for opposite reasons, they don't mind the Oracular Order. In fact, they'll often converse, trade information, and some even claim that they've seen meetings between the two "rivals." In truth, they aren't different in the slightest. Practicing foresight, using special abilities to tap into the flow of time. Pursuing knowledge.

Rogue Witches
They do exist, but they're far more likely to be hunted by Overseers and burned at the stake. Rogues are usually those with the power and money to keep people hushed, rather than lowly maids or butlers.

White Cliff?
The Abbey of the Everyman came to power centuries ago after the Burning at Whitecliff, a historical event in which heretics were rounded up and tossed from cliffs, burned, murdered in a bloodbath that's spoken about today grimly, with remorse and regret. Most of the witches have died out, still recovering from the devastating losses.

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              ❝ R E P R E S E N T A T I V E S▾ (must request)
The cosmos are hungry, one day they'll devour all the lights in the sky.

⇁There Are Three
Each ancient representative symbolizes one of the three types of neutrality.
The most obvious and most notable being The Outsider himself. But there are two entities within the void so ancient that they cannot recall their own names. Chaos and Truth. The Outsider is Law. But soon he will be dethroned. While there are other creatures lurking about the boundless vestiges of the void, it is these three that are the most prominent inhabitants.
──── Lawful Neutral (the outsider)
The deity acts based on the way the law or personal code directs them, living by a set of aesthetics and frowning upon or disapproving of those who break those rules but not actively attempting to stop them. The Outsider gives his mark to those of which fit the criteria that fate has set and he rarely interferes with those he does not care for. An insatiably curious creature.

──── Chaotic Neutral (available to request)
Bringing about chaos with no real method, possibly the most dangerous of the triad. This deity has no remorse in their actions, doing certain things simply for the fun of it, toying with emotions and lives as though skipping pebbles along the surface of a lake. It's a game, life.

──── True Neutral (available to request)
They see life for what it is, equilibrium ensuing. They watch and observe, not interfering at all, not handing out abilities, not speaking to people from the dark corners of the world. Boredom does not begin to explain their state of existence.

The representatives of the void can be dethroned. Please keep that in mind.

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              ❝ T H E - G O L D E N - C A T▾ (do not need to request)
They take their children here when they don't want them, drop them off to be used and abused.

⇁A Family, Dysfunctional but Loved
Human trafficking has been a prominent problem within the Isles for centuries now and has only worsened over the decades. Those not being tossed around from noble to noble like items are sent to The Golden Cat, if they're lucky that is. As the most respectable brothel in the Isles, they train their courtesans to perfection, and they do not put up with bullshit from abusive patrons. Despite the conditions, they all stick together.
──── Brothel Mothers/Fathers (must request)
Because nobles will often take advantage of the courtesans, there are those who have a degree of power high enough to kick the nobles out. They're experienced, hardened and often favored by the patrons, they're in it for life and they're incredibly protective over their workers.

──── Courtesans
Put simply, they're prostitutes. They make money by preforming sexual acts on paying clients. As long as the transaction goes well, all is said and done, then there's nothing wrong with that. They're the most common amongst the workers.

──── Showman
Men and women who preform on stage, whether that be singing or dancing, are called Showman. Whether or not they choose to prostitute themselves is up to them. They're all trained in the art of seduction via movement of the body, many even have musical inclinations.

──── Doxy
Trained in the art of speech specifically, a doxy is a performer who focuses on emotional needs rather than physical ones. They are paid by the hour to converse with the client, pour a cup of tea, provide emotional support, massage them even. They are not obligated to go any further than that.

──── DJs
Not technically a performer, a dj will find music to play within the establishment and will often even host the parties and events at The Golden Cat. They may take up residency within if they so please.

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