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▸ Age:
▸ Gender:
▸ Date of Birth:
▸ Faceclaim:

▸ Rank:
▸ Mental Stability: 1-10
▸ Power Level: 1-10 (Request 7 or higher)

▸ Eye Color:
▸ Hair Color:
▸ Height&Weight:
▸ Any Visual Quirks: (Masks, scratches, cuts, etc)

▸ General Description:
▸ Habits and Quirks:
▸ Strengths and Weaknesses

▸ General Description:
▸ Memorable Events:
▸ Familial Relations:

▸ Zodiac:
▸ Theme Song:
▸ Voice:
▸ Singing Voice:

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━━━Name: Acton Lloyd
▸ Age: 27
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: January 1st
▸ Faceclaim: Darren Criss
▸ Rank: Elite
▸ Mental Stability: 8
▸ Power Level: 6
▸ Eye Color: Hazel
▸ Hair Color: Brown
▸ Height & Weight: 6'3, 195
▸ Any Visual Quirks: Large burn scars across the upper back, and his own Overseer mask is only a half, covering the eyes and bridge of the nose. A brown hood accompanies this ensemble in order to better cover his face.
General Description: Acton is a generally easygoing person to be around- he doesn't actively look for conflict, and will at least try to take a positive spin on things. Keeping your sense of humor throughout everything in the world can be hard, but he's managed well. However, if you cross him, it will be the last person you cross. The man can keep a grudge for what will seem like an eternity- He forgets nothing. Smarter than your average bear and being an Elite sharpen his already impeccable mind, weather it be in stratagem or simply a curiosity.
Acton is loyal to a fault, a guard dog if willed and molded into the correct hands. All one would need to do is blow the whistle. And yet, he's not exactly found someone he deems worthy of being loyal to. So untrusting is he that getting close enough to anyone for that to happen is a feat in and of itself, and the actual bonds it would take for the process to occur? Unheard of. Though self-preservation is rooted deep in the crevice that is his mind, he is not a coward in his actions. If one must speak, in his opinion, they should speak boldly and bravely. There is no room for turning back once an action is taken. The ends justify the means, as one could say.
There’s nothing worth regretting in this world to him. You’ve killed a man? It was probably for the good of the Abbey. Your wife is dead? Oh well, look to the 6th commandment. Every action he takes is calculated, unless clouded by emotion, which is rare. When faced with a barrier he will break it down, and when faced with a prize he will take it for his own. How else do you think he would have survived the trials? As far as his opinions on other Overseers, as long as they do their job, he’ll do his.
Habits and Quirks: Acton will run his hand over the hilt of his longsword if restless or nervous- It brings comfort to know one has a weapon on hand. When speaking, no matter the time place or subject, his left foot will always travel behind the right, almost a dancer's pose.
Strengths and Weaknesses: His strength is his mind- it is not so easily swayed as some others, and being of a larger stature anyways, who would even think to try? However his stubbornness in this sense is also his weakness, obeying and learning to hang his head low in those of a higher rank. Taking pride in one's intelligence isn't something to be ashamed of, but it can make one think lowly of the opponent, underestimate them. Acton, unfortunately, hasn't had the chance to change this.
General Description: Acton was, as many Overseers are, taken from everything he knew and loved at a young age to be trained into the Abbey. But before that he was just a young boy living with two others, before his original world fell apart, was ripped from his hands. Barely remembering his Mother and brother, he soared throughout the learned portion of his preparation; though when it came time for the pit, he proved himself more than worthy. He did not win, but he came very, very close to it- Thus earning him the right to claim his rank of Elite. Over the course of his rising to said rank, however, he's made a bit of a name for himself. People say he's only ever fought with a sword, that the pistol on his hip goes unused, unneeded. That the ammo he was given the very first day he rose to the rank of even the lowest Overseer has spent it's days loaded, but never fired. Untouchable, they call him. It depends from rumor to rumor, but there is some truth to it. Now he travels the isles for new knowledge, new opportunities, new things.
Memorable Events: The burns on his back actually come from his small time as a Militant Overseer- someone got the better of him, pouring whale oil over his back and setting it ablaze. Other than this, there's his mother reading stories to him late at night, and one particular one has continued to pry at his thoughts, however he can't seem to recall the name. Acton's father falling ill, and dying soon after, is something he keeps locked away. Every once in a while he pries it back to the surface almost out of spite.
Familial Relations: A much smaller, much weaker twin brother, along with his widowed mother. He's lost contact, having no interest in writing home any longer.
▸ Zodiac: Capricorn
▸ Theme Song: House of the Rising Sun - Animals
▸ Voice: Brendon Urie
▸ Singing Voice: Jon Bellion

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━━━Name: John Star
▸ Age: 73
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: 23/10

▸ Rank: Elite
▸ Mental Stability: 4
▸ Power Level: 6

▸ Eye Color: One bright blue, the other near crimson red
▸ Hair Color: Mostly grey with specks of black
▸ Height&Weight: 170 cm 65Kg
▸ Any Visual Quirks: A hunch and a long scar on his neck

▸ General Description: A gentle soul among the Overseers is a rare thing, particularly for someone high up, but John is one of the rare ones. A strong believer in the scriptures, you can often hear him just mutter them to himself, particularly 7 "Errant mind". Beyond that he is a man that is fascinated by the stars, he is among the best among the order in interpreting the signs in the sky, that is what his main job these days, helping to show the signs, and teaching as he has a way to keep them in line with ease, and help mould them into future overseers, he has a way to help each child individually with the way forward into the order, most of the others are confused about and in truth he doesn't know exactly why either, he treats them kindly yes, more kindly then most, but they never misbehave around him, they follow him meekly, even the new ones who have not been broken in yet. In truth he fears the outsider might of started to influence him and that his faith is lacking, he has started to have dreams of a cold, empty place. However he resolves to still be strong for the Overseers and the empire he helps protect.

▸ General Description: For as long as he can remember, he was part of the overseers, he thinks he did the aptitude test, but his memory has faded. Since that day he started as a preacher in the streets, talking about the seven scriptures, from there, through excellent service, stamping out heresy where ever it appears and with his excellent ability to read the stars and signs he became better and better at sensing when heresy was near and when it was going to happen, with this and his uncompromising following of the scriptures he got to the station of an elite and some have talked about promoting him once more, despite his age. However his years of hunting and sensing the occult have left their mark on him, giving him horrible nightmares

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It's gonna leave you in pieces... all alone with your demons.

━━━Name: Jhin Svenskeren
▸ Age: 27
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: February 9th
▸ Faceclaim: Tom Hiddleston
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▸ Rank: Militant Overseer
▸ Mental Stability: 3
▸ Power Level: 6

▸ Eye Color: Deep blue
▸ Hair Color: Black, usually quite long. Either held back in a pony tail or slicked back and held in place by his Abbey Mask.
▸ Height&Weight: 6", 168lbs.
▸ Any Visual Quirks: A scar that mimics the rippling of water across his left hand that, for the most part, he keeps covered with gloves or bandages.
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"Art requires a certain… cruelty."

General Description:
As charming as a dancing snake, and just as lethal, Jhin takes to the streets or practically anywhere he sets foot as if a show is about to begin and he's the lead. Some find this sort of thing endearing. But if they knew that it was all just grooming in the worst way, they'd probably turn tail and run. But that's the catch, you see. It's hard follow what Jhin could possibly be thinking. Constantly plowing through an a million tracked mind, thinking of every possibly ending before the beginning had even become apparent, he races himself without mercy. A constant flow of rushing thoughts. This obviously chaotic way of organizing his thoughts are what landed him, despite his skill and intellect, as a mere Militant Overseer.
His rank does not bother him, no, it fuels him. Jhin is violent by nature. Aggressively taking what he wants, justifying it within himself once whatever it was has completely submitted to his will. Being a Militant Overseer allows him to exercise this fact, and also gain the upper-hand against opponents who believe that those within his rank are no more than foot soldiers, out in the streets laying their lives for the grime that he couldn't possibly be bothered to clean from his boots. No. He was far too cunning for that lot.
Habits and Quirks: Jhin tends to keep his hands shoved into his jacket pockets, and if they're not, he's always fiddling with the gloves he's wearing. When restless, or nervous, his hands instantly go for his pistol, his thumb will gently caress the stock of it to remind himself that he indeed has the upper-hand in any situation.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths- Jhin, for lack of better words, is practically emotionless. He feels no empathy for the weak or suffering, no sympathy for those who he works along side. The only emotion he thinks he's ever really felt, is passion for the work that he accomplishes with the Abbey.
Weakness- Unable to fully connect himself to another, he becomes increasingly frustrating to be around. Mostly because he doesn't take your thoughts or feelings into account. Although he doesn't think you're inferior, or unintelligent. He just, doesn't think of you at all, but god does he want to. This makes it a bit lonely for him, but more importantly, difficult to be put into squads and complete goals the way they were mapped out for him.

General Description: Not unlike other Overseers, Jhin was taken at a very tender age and set through his trials to become the man he is today. As a child, though, Jhin was actually very quiet and obedient. He didn't ask many questions, or argue any points. He thought that if he behaved, and became whatever it was that he was destined to be because of being brought here, he'd be able to see his Mama again.
That obviously wasn't the case. Years of consistently letting himself be molded, and forced into a box of whatever divines creation had made him into something far beside himself. He cared not for those around him, those also scared and alone, ripped from their beds in the darkest hours, no. All he began to think about was being outside of the walls of knowledge that felt more of a prison than a sanctuary. And when it came time to prove himself, he did. Just, not in the way he expected. Elites, and those above them could see he had potential.. but his risk factor was too high, the way he disregarded everything coming from his opponents. Jhin knew something was wrong with him, trying to force himself to feel more about things that weren't just himself, but god, it just wasn't working. It was like he was constantly holding his breath, ready to exhale and cause the most horrendous hurricane a human beings' lungs could possibly allow. So, they made him a street dog, and from there, he's been prowling every since.
Memorable Events: Jhin remembers his mothers face. It torments him in his sleep. Forcing him to feel things he hasn't yet come to terms with. Sometimes, even while he's awake he can hear her voice. Humming little tunes as he makes his rounds. All of which she used to do for him as a child. The worst of it, comes when he's bathing. He can remember the way she'd scrub his hair for him, or how she wouldn't get angry when he splashed at her with the water. But the part that slowly destroys him, the part that drives him deep within himself is the intense memory of how her hands felt. It haunts him to this day.
Familial Relations: A mother, who he fights the urge to search for knowing it better to leave well enough alone. He is a different man now, not one she would recognize.
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▸ Zodiac: Aquarius
▸ Theme Song: Hurt Somebody - Noah Kahan
▸ Voice: Tom Hiddleston

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mmmm accepted yes

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OS CODE: NJ 7230
OVERSEER NAME: Nathaniel Jing
ALIASES: Jing, "Quicksilver"
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/02/1870 ( 22 y/o )
RANK: Militant
- Mental stability of 8, power level of 5
- Slight overbite, crooked canine, slightly larger incisors
- 6'0" even, 176 lbs
- Brown hair & eyes
- Looks similar to Wong Yukhei
- Scarring as a result of trials of aptitude

- subject is prone to levels of high energy and excitability.
- subject known to boast popularity and competency among his peers. despite above notice, he does exhibit competency only slightly above average, namely in considerations of speed.
- seems prone to seeking praise for actions, particularly from peers and superiors.
- has been notably fixated on one subject of conversation, but does not seem entirely distracted from duties.
- subject noted to offer positive viewpoints without much prompting. seems relatively content with his station.
- has periods of apparent sobriety and unimpaired focus. later lapses and behaves similarly to a heavily medicated patient.

- jing noble family handed subject over at age 8. was the youngest of four sons, first two fully capable of handling family affairs and third handicapped. family cites "honorable burden" of raising third and fourth sons.
- seemed well liked and amicable with peers. especially good with younger subjects.
- trial period in other files. passed with only slightly above scoring. noted for exhausting opponents. received several injuries in the course of trialing, including temporary deafness in one ear.
- remains unable to read, but dubious. requires more observation.

- has a tendency to treat his wolfhound Icarus too similarly to a pet
- known to sleep with eyes half-open
- has shown interest in one Alexandrea Bethlehem; must be further examined
- suffers from night terrors

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     ══════ moon child ; female ; nineteen ════════════════════   
           A M E L I A  A N A L I E S E   G R E E N H I L L 
           ──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────
❝  F A T A L  F L A W   ▾   LUXURIA / ʟᴜsᴛ
              I change shapes just to hide in this place but I'm still an animal.              
  ▸ p a n s e x u a l                 ▸ l e o ;; ( 07/07 ) ◂              ▸ o r a c l e ◂
  ━p a n r o m a n t i c━              ━5 y e a r s━                        ━a d e p t━
  ▸ a v a i l a b l e                   ▸ p o w e r ;; ( 5 ) ◂            ▸ 1 7 y r s o l d ◂

                                             ᴘ ʟ ᴀ ʏ ʟ ɪ s ᴛ ; ;
                              ━ɪʀᴏɴ ;; ᴡᴏᴏᴅᴋɪᴅ
                              ━ᴛʜᴇ ᴍʏsᴛɪᴄ ;; ᴀᴅᴀᴍ ᴊᴇɴsᴇɴ
                              ━ᴛᴡɪᴄᴇ ;; ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀsᴛʀɪᴅᴇʀ
                              ━ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴀ ᴛᴀʀɢᴇᴛ ;; sᴘᴏᴏɴ
                              ━ᴅᴏɴᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇᴠᴀʜ ;; sᴘᴏᴏɴ

                 ▬ ▬ ▌│█║▌║▌║     A ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ      ▌│█║▌║▌▬ ▬

⇁ eyes ;; green
⇁ hair ;; hazelnut brown
⇁ build ;; adrogynous
⇁ scent ;; tropical
⇁ clothing style ;; varies, nothing consistent

━━ P E R S O N A L I T Y

↳Trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose, it's a proverb Amelia lives by. Outwardly, she appears cold, callous, and perhaps even a bit pretentious, especially towards those outside of the order. She speaks with meaning or she doesn't speak at all and her only current goal in life, what she desperately strives for, is knowledge. It is both her biggest strength, and her largest weakness, for as much as she knows, there is far more that she does not know. And it's her insatiable curiosity coupled with her more than a little questionable morals that creates a formula for disaster.

Amelia is a seer, as such, she sees prophetic visions of the future. Most of the time they are tedious unimportant things, like the sun rising, grass covered in morning dew, a man drinking tea as he reads the paper. But coupled with the other seers, she can see visions of mass events, catastrophes, blights and famines.

━━ H I S T O R Y

↳Born to a peasant woman in Tyvia, Amelia has had a natural ability to "see" from a very young age. She arrived to the Isle of Gristol on a whaling ship when she was around eight years old, and as such she has a slight accent she's never been able to shake. Her mother did not survive the trip, but before she was sent to the orphanages or worse -- back to Tyvia, she was approached by a single woman with a red blindfold adorning gold lined silks and knee high boots.

The things she'd seen in Tyvia were absolutely traumatizing in every sense of the word, but she was good at putting the past behind her, and consequently, repressing a lot of negative emotions until they bubbled at the surface and threatened to boil over. It's the main reason she needs to find outlets for her rage. One of those outlets being witchcraft, in secret of course.


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fc shin hoseok ; age: 24 ; overseer

5'10" ; 157 lbs ; brown hair ; brown eyes ; scars

[ i. ] official information
┇rank : militant
stationed ; karnaca
┇power level : 6.5
weapon(s) of choice ; guantlets
┇mental stability : 9
psychological defects ; selective memory loss

[ ii. ] idiosyncratic information
┇quirks : laughs easily, even in tense situations; seems confused most of the time; triggering situations cause him to freeze; eats when nervous, stressed, happy, or sad
┇strengths : physical strength; obedient; amicability
┇weaknesses : mental fortitude; easily frustrated where calculations are concerned; blindly obedient

Aronheim is a simple man. He has equally simple tastes, and simple desires. For one, all it takes to make him truly happy is a good meal and a warm blanket. He doesn't much mind being ordered around; it's part of the job and he's always had some respect for authority figures. Besides, life would have been much worse if he'd stayed that the orphanage to begin with. For this, he can be glad for having passed his trials. Not that he can remember much of them ( the mention alone is met with a confused smile and a moment of silence before he moves on like nothing had been said ). Does he think too hard about what he's doing? Not particularly. He's already had it enforced/beaten into his skull that his duty as an overseer is to keep citizens of the Empire from falling into the sin of heresy. Seems like important enough work to him.

Some would find his unexpected friendliness to contrast from his position as an overseer. The feared and reviled servant of the Abbey is a very strong image with the general populace. He, however, is notably more approachable than the average overseer one might encounter. For one, he has a tendency to not stay masked at all times, slipping a smile to those who stare long enough before he has to hide it away. That, and he comes off as mostly relatively harmless. Sure, he's a large mass of muscle for anyone unfamiliar to him, but children and small animals seem to come to understand that he's not a threat to them. If anything, he's treated similarly to a child's pet rabbit.

For all his training to be otherwise, Aronheim can be rather clumsy. It's not uncommon to find the man surrounded by the debris of an unfortunate accident with a sheepish smile. He's had a good track record of not being so clumsy on the job, but there's a quite literal slip up every now and then. A good source of laughter that he'll look back at with embarrassment and amusement, but relatively harmless. Nothing major has ever happened, but there's always a chance of it. And this thought usually makes him extra careful, but it doesn't always work out right.

[ iii. ] historical information
┇family : unknown

For the most part, Aronheim had lived a fairly uneventful life. He had never known his parents, which made his place at an orphanage somewhat understandable. He could, at least, relate to the other children who couldn't recall the sound of their parents telling them they loved them or remember what it was like to be held close. However, his abandonment at a young age had been, well, just as common. ( His ears had been a tad bit to large for his mother's liking, a likely sign that he would not fit into the family given the interesting circumstances of his conception. ) Instead, he would reach am age ripe for the picking for the overseers.

Much of his training is a blank. He can remember the standard drills and proceedings and things leading up to the trials, but not the trials themselves. Not the way he had to wrap his arms around the necks of his peers and hope they would wake again when he felt them stop fighting. Not the way he watched those who had not passed be lead off. His memory has been kind to him, in this sense, that they haven't much allowed him to suffer. Aronheim's wrapped in the blissful embrace of near-permanent forgetfulness, coddled with the constant but forgotten presence of the only one looking out for him: himself.

This forgetfulness still follows him often, when things get a little too difficult to bear. One assignment too hard on him, and soon it no longer exists. Ask him about it and he freezes for a moment, and then moves on as if nothing has changed or that you'd even asked. It doesn't seem to hinder any of his work, and thus he's free to wander about in his own ignorance, smiling and dutiful as if the scars on his body aren't a constant reminder that there's more to what he's remembering.

[ iv. ] miscellaneous information
┇wolfhound : daedalus
┇partner : open

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❝ F E A T U R I N G ▾ manu rios


    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬description s a v a n t - d e c h e r

          ▓ ▸power level ;; 5
          ▓ ▸alignment ;; lawful evil
          ▓ ▸bisexual ;; currently infatuated
          ▓ ▸twenty two ;; pisces
          ▓ ▸birthplace ;; morely

                                p l a y l i s t ;;
                               ɪᴍ ᴏɴ ғɪʀᴇ - ꜱᴛᴀᴛᴇʟᴇꜱꜱ
                               ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ ;; ᴘᴏʀᴛᴡᴀᴠᴇ
                               ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ ʙᴏɴᴇꜱ ;; ᴄʀx
                               ɪᴍ ꜱᴏ ꜱᴏʀʀʏ ;; ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇ ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴꜱ
                               ᴘʟᴀɴᴛꜱ ;; ᴄʀᴜᴍʙ

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ description p e r s o n a l i t y - h i s t o r y

          ▓           I know what you're doing,
          ▓           don't study me,
          ▓           you wont fucking graduate.

→ what pretty eyes you have, dear (view spoiler)

descriptionorchestrator ❝ O V E R S E E R▾


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twenty-five; jan 1st; elite overseer

- power level : six fc lee taeyong -
- mental stability : fourred hair, brown eyes -
- weapon of choice : whip5'10", 161 lbs -
- mental ailments : auditory schizophrenia several piercings -

" a different dream comes closer "

  Ishmael is an interesting figure to behold. To be in his presence is never without something of intrigue. He prides himself on that, really, but this intrigue would really only be if one is interested in the dismal tidings of what he refers to as his research. Where one would describe insanity as repeating the same thing in the exact same way expecting a different outcome, he finds this definition incorrect. Because to him, he has found that there are things you can repeat with little variance from what they were before to find that there will in fact be a different result. That's what every test he does on clueless assistants and unfortunate test subjects have focused on. Repetition for a change. How much longer will it take for this one to drown? How much of a shock can this one take? He finds this all to be an extremely riveting topic of study and discussion. The manic light in his eyes shines clear as he explains his reasoning with a glee akin to a child talking about their favorite toy. But, for all the terms that he could use to describe himself, he would never class himself as what he is: a psychopath. He's not completely detached from the reality of the world around him. Ishmael merely believes that what he does changes things so drastically, he might as well be a god. Just don't let the Abbey know he has such thoughts.

He's not an aggressive individual in most instances. In fact, Ishmael would normally try to settle things with pleasing words or treading around a conflict point as best he can. Rarely does he ever push for physical action - until you touch something that's his. It doesn't need to be branded with his for it to be his, and his alone. It can be said for only a few things and and fewer people. Perhaps the most constant would be Daphne, his wolfhound. A monster of a hound and just as mean as she looks, he wouldn't want any other simply because she is his. In the event that someone choose to defile one of his possessions, the outcome is never good - usually for the other party. The voices that populate his mind and keep him placated turn cold and calculating to an extent beyond what they previously would have been, and come to the conclusion that the impurity that distresses the perfection of their possession ought to be thoroughly removed. Each voice seems to preside more intensely over an aspect of his being, like five counselors whispering in his ear what it is he should be doing. And he heeds their suggestions quite seriously, even more so when they propel him to wrap the leather of his whip around a throat as punishment for touching what is his.

Those that find themselves first meeting Ishmael seem to have no sense of alarm. Perhaps they would catch that something is amiss in the way the cadence of his voice picks up for more gruesome topics, or maybe in the lack of interest in his eyes ( but this could be for a number of reasons, and easily explained away ). They might notice it in the smile that doesn't reach his eyes, or how he seems to be listening to something else as you speak to him, gaze just beyond your shoulder. No; most don't notice these things. Because he comes off as a quite charming man, accomplished and teeming with potential. Or perhaps he feels more like an enticing specimen to gaze upon, with features pretty enough to distract coherent thought. He seems harmless in that the most he would do is break your heart. But a look can change everything and suddenly there's that chill seeping into your veins, and you understand that — oh; he might not be as harmless as he looks.

  Ishmael has a past much like his fellow overseers. He was taken in the dead of night from his family, before he could so much as finish learning on to properly read and write. They were a good family, a kind one. The Rybin household was not one of great repute, but it was not one of ill rumors either. They simple were and if the Abby hadn't gotten him, perhaps he would have been just like them. But he'll never know. Instead, he will know that the blood of his father was shed to rip him from his home because he showed promise, because showed an potential for "greatness". It was the only way he could explain the way they ran his father down when he came to check on him and found instead masked men removing son from his bed.

And maybe another life would have been spared if they hadn't seen something in him. He went through his training as any other would, keeping up his reading merely through the stray posters and papers scattered that he had access to. He was still of a sound mind then, or at least sound enough that he knew better than stray from the path he'd been forced on. Shut up and work; strive for perfection. Training as he would up to the point of his trials, and even then he was as vicious as any other. Perhaps there was more aggression in the way he took down those that had the gall to target the one or two of his peers that he had become close with. Perhaps there was more to the way he locked up during one particular trial.

Maybe there was more to a lot of things; maybe, maybe, maybe.

However, one thing is clear in that it was decidedly not a good idea for him to allow him any sort of means to return to his home. Or what had once been his home. What he found instead was the charred skeleton of the place that held his family. It had been years since he'd laid eyes on it, and yet that was what he returned to. His mind restored the wreckage to the near pristine living space it had once been. And for a time, he was content to sit within it and reminisce about memories that were so fleeting he couldn't even call them memories. And it was here that he found out how the vestige of his home had been ruined. The fire was not accidental. The fire was not orchestrated by the Abbey, either. The loss of a child and a husband is a horrible thing to go through in one fell swoop. His mother could not hold on to the hope that the little she had left would not leave her in much the same way. So, she lit a a fire and held her precious Maria close.

It was in the ashes that Maria came back to him, greeting him happily as if she were truly there. To the silent observer, nothing was amiss; just a boy in his grief talking to the ghosts of his loved ones. It was from this experience that the others came to him slowly, filling the gaps of what he longed for and desired. They became his friends, companions. He delved into the concept of perfection. Perhaps if he could better the establishment from within ( better methods, better training; less people to take ) with his experimentation, the perfect overseer, they would be more selective. They would scour nobility and wealthies; they would look to the better disposed families. A twisted way to solve the problem, but a solution no less. And so he began his climb.

The assumption of having to charm one's way to the top was not entirely wrong. There were moments where he found himself almost in compromising positions. Propositions of favors for favors were tossed his way and each one picked apart with careful discernment. The voices argued and contemplated, and they found the conclusion that all of that was below him. Instead, he made threats for favors; not of exposure, but of pain and discomfort to contradict these favors. And for a time it worked. Still works. But he finds that it's increasingly harder as he climbs the ranks. And perhaps it doesn't help that he's even more driven to protect his latest possession. Too sweet, too good for all of this. So he must make him better, and to do that he has to be in power.

So power he shall get.

" open your eyes "

- father : griswold rybin ; deceased
- mother : leena rybin ; deceased
- sister : maria rybin ; deceasedcasimir brecht : assistant -

currently stationed in dunwall

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FIVE DEVILS   ─────────────────────────────────────────────

▸A Comprehensive Guide to the Counsel

「 Maria 」 ───────────────────────────────────────────────
The voice of the girl that once was his sister, Maria is perhaps the most vocal of the Counsel. Her voice is light and could be likened to the tinkling of bells. The girl is five years old, a seemingly appropriate age that Ishmael's mind had conjured up. For the most part, she remains innocent and pure, often taking a more light-hearted stance or perspective to things. Upon first meeting with anyone, it's common for her to figure out some sort of animal for the person to be similar to. Of course, since she is a figment of his imagination, she knows a lot more than a five year old typically would.
× the "strongest" voice
× child-like in all aspects

「 Jezebel 」 ─────────────────────────────────────────────
Jezebel is a volatile voice, the sound of sin and temptation. Most often she gives directives that don't hide any ill intent, and Ishmael is not always privy to listening. In fact, while she is particularly vocal, she can sometimes be ignored in favor of the more loved Maria. This tends to make her much more volatile, and her words much more spiteful. The others would describe her as being all the "filth" they think but don't say. Most often than not, she seems attracted to aggression and anything sexually deviant or a mixture thereof.
× the jezebel
× volatile, but ignorable

「 Aristotle 」 ────────────────────────────────────────────
Where Maria is child-like and Jezebel is aggressive, Aristotle is contemplative. He's one of the quieter voices, but of great importance. He brings all final decisions after careful thought. He is, without a doubt, the voice of reason. But he is also the one pushing for a far greater understanding of a situation. Maria may have her childish curiosity, but Aristotle strings forth a need to further delve into a question. He is often a source of "what if" and if the others have not given their input, would likely continue on the what if train. He questions most everything, but does not often speak up unless it is incredibly dire or he's needed to even things out.
× thinker, diplomat
× verbose

「 Gilgamesh 」 ────────────────────────────────────────────
Another aggressive voice, he doesn't have the same weight as Jezebel. For the most part, he's like the part of the brain that demands dominance. Often times, he's the voice telling Ishmael to prove that he is, in fact, the smartest in the room. You could call him his Pride. He's arrogant and borderline vindictive, but he's manageable. Most often he speaks of putting others in their place. Maria easily mellows him out, using the fatherly relationship he has with her. The others view him generally as being an interesting enough companion, but his words don’t usually hold any weight.
× arrogant

「 Fitzgerald 」 ────────────────────────────────────────────
Fitzgerald is more than the unassuming voice he is. He’s quiet, and easily forgotten, but he’s likely as detrimental as Jezebel, if not worse. He’s most active when the others are “asleep,” leaving him to reign free. He and Jezebel are quite the pair, actually, and seem to work in tandem. He’s perhaps the most persuasive of the voices where Ishmael is concerned. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of Ishmael’s less favorable tendencies get to run amok under his supervision. The subjects of his experiments have likely fallen victim to this.
× “lucifer”
× whispers

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