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Olivia Twist
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BUDDY READ: Historical Fiction > Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon - Starting 6th April 2018

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Karen Barber | 10143 comments Please join us for this from 6th April. Do remember to hide spoilers.

Karen Barber | 10143 comments Up to ch6. One of my favourite books, and I’m a sucker for a re-imagining. Credible start, and I like the relationship between Jack and Olivia.

Karen Barber | 10143 comments Up to ch9. The alternating views is a great way of maintaining our interest. There’s enough details from the original to keep the story, but the extra parts really humanise our central characters.

Karen Barber | 10143 comments Up to ch14. (view spoiler)

Karen Barber | 10143 comments Up to ch24. Loving how this is organised and presented. Desperately hoping for certain events to not take place.

Karen Barber | 10143 comments Finished. Review on home page. Clever reimagining for those who know the original, but a great read for those unfamiliar with Dickens’ classic. Lots of familiar elements and well-paced. A little more historical detail might have wowed me, but definitely one to recommend.

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