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message 1: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jennyunderpants) | 668 comments I have a two part question please :)

1. With the new policy of The Newest Edition Gets All The ISBNs, would the procedure for NABs detailed here change? That is to say, instead of:
a. merging the Not A Book into the actual book
b. waiting for the ISBN to become free
c. creating the NAB record, and
d. marking it as "not a book",

You could instead :
a. Create the new NAB record
b. Move the ISBN from the Not A Book to that new NAB record
c. Merge the Not A Book with an actual book (or ask for one)

2. What's the proper protocol when a Not A Book has shelvings but just doesn't have an actual book to merge with? Like for say, movies where it was adapted neither from nor into a novel/screenplay or a wall calendar that someone has inexplicably rated 5 stars.

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43597 comments Mod
There has been no change to how NAB items have been handled.

As far as #2, one option is simply to manually edit the author of the item(s) in question to NOT A BOOK.

message 3: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jennyunderpants) | 668 comments Gotcha, thanks!

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