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Wufeng | 14 comments Hello

I am an Engineering Graduate student in the US going by the pen name WuFeng. I'm currently building a popular science blog/column/magazine that seeks to honor the works of great scientists, engineers and innovators while at the same time making topics easier to understand.

Currently the posts that I am most proud of are the ones on Thomas Alva Edison, Sir Isaac Newton and an explanation on black holes.

Thank you for your consideration
With best Wishes

message 2: by snshyn (new)

snshyn | 9 comments Here's my new blog, check it out and be inspired x

message 3: by Daisy (new)

Daisy Lara | 1 comments Check this out about the theory of gestalt therapy-

message 4: by Micelle (new)

Micelle | 44 comments Hi ^^ please check out mine <3

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