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R.L. Bartram | 3 comments Hi,
My name is Robert Bartram and I've just published my second novel "Whippoorwill." It's an historical romance set against the American Civil war. Published by Troubador Nov 2017 it's available in both paperback and Kindle editions. If you're interested in reviewing, please contact me at I can provide hard copy, Pdf or apples Itune versions.
Barely fourteen, Ceci Prejean is a tomboy running wild in the hot Louisiana summer. After breaking the nose of a local boy, her father decides to enlist the aid of Hecubah, a beautiful creole woman, with a secret past, who taes her in hand and turns her into a lady.
Now eighteen, Ceci meets and falls passionately in love with handsome young northerner, Trent Sinclaire. Trent is a cadet at the West Point military academy. They begin a torrid affair, even as the southern states begin to secede from the Union.
Only weeks before their wedding, the civil war begins. Trent is called to active service in the north, leaving Ceci heartbroken in the south.
Swearing vengeance on the Union, after the death of her family at the fall of New Orleans, Ceci meets with infamous spy master, Henry Doucet. He initiates her into the shadowy world of espionage.
Infiltrating the White House, Ceci comes face to face with Abraham Lincoln, a man she's sworn to kill. Forming a reckless alliance with the actor John Wilkes Booth, she is drawn deeper into the plot to assassinate the President of the United States. A Confederate spy in love with a Union officer, her next decision will determine whether she lives or dies.

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Kathy Golden | 13 comments Details please:

Do you have an excerpt somewhere?

Is this story in first- or third-person?

Are the POV's of both MCs used?

How old are the MCs?

Is the sex steamy, explicit, erotica, fade to black, non-existent?

How long is the story?

Is the story completed in this one book?

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R.L. Bartram | 3 comments I have an excerpt which I can email on request. Also you can read a sample by going to the books site on Amazon.
The story is in third person. It's chiefly from the POV of the central character Ceci Prejean, but the POV of several other characters does come into play, as the story progresses.
There are three main characters Ceci 19, Trent 20 and Hecubah 34. The story opens with Ceci age 14 and follows her life for a couple of chapters as she grows up.
All my love/ sex scenes are, I feel, tastefully portrayed. However one or two may be considered as steamy.
The book is 310 pages (95,000 words) long.
This is a stand alone novel. The entire story is completed in one book.
I hope this information is useful. Don't hesitate to ask further questions.

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Kathy Golden | 13 comments Thanks. Here's the link to your book on Amazon:


I'll read the preview and see if I like it.

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