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message 1: by Myra (new)

Myra (ohjustbooks) I love reading new books, and the requests have been piling up! I have a few contributors on my book blog now so we can reach more readers and review more authors! always happy to review! reply/DM if you would like a review. book blog link in bio. do check out our review policy!

message 2: by ANTONY (new)

ANTONY  (mariaantonysamy) | 78 comments Best wishes

message 3: by Biswanath, A Bookholic (new)

Biswanath Banerjee | 39 comments Mod
I saw that you do charge for review.
This is totally unacceptable.
Kindly do leave this group

message 4: by Prithuyasha (new)

Prithuyasha Singh | 7 comments Hello everyone, This is Prithuyasha Singh, currently hailing in Harda ( M.P). I have just been lucky enough to publish my first book titled - Metanoia. As self-published, I want to publicize as much as one could. So please let me know the ways of sending it for reviewing etc.

~Here is the blurb for my book - ~

Metanoia is a collection of quotes. It is a perfect read when you simply want to find new ways for the same journey. Whether it is from the great William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Jim Ryun, Helen Keller, Sam Levenson or the exceptional Marilyn Monroe. Get ready to tap the wisdom of our species; to understand the point of views of others; to contemplate with the insight to get self-sympathy and empathy !!!

message 5: by Pali (new)

Pali Reen (mpsreen) | 20 comments Hi Everybody,
The other day I wanted to offer my books to a well-known journalist for opinion and comments. He promptly turned me down with a remark, "Books should never be gifted away but bought."
I have been on Goodreads for quite sometime now and I have a question from all those who have posted reviews.
How many reviews posted were from actually purchased books?
I am constrained to ask this question because I keep finding readers asking for physical copies of the books, including myself, instead of from where? More than often, authors are too eager to send their works across to be read and reviewed on line. Personally, I am not into digital books and I always love to have a physical copy in my hands.
The only time someone reviewed my books was when I had sent the physical copies across. How much impact did it have on the readers on GR? I doubt that if anybody really cared because no one else has written about them.
I have a reason to make my point both for the authors and their reviewers. First, when you send your works across the reader is compelled to write about it, unless it is not worth it, because that is why you did so. Second, when one reads a short book in two-three hours, and almost immediately write a review on it, one is certainly going to miss the essence of the work.
Most important of all, do those who review a work ever discuss it with the author before posting it online? Definitely not with me.

Pali Reen

message 6: by Prithuyasha (new)

Prithuyasha Singh | 7 comments Hey people, this is Prithuyasha. and I am searching for a genuine reviewer who can review my self-published book. anyone interested ????

message 7: by Shubham (last edited Jun 09, 2018 01:13AM) (new)

Shubham Balasaheb | 24 comments T&C Soch Ki Sochhiii!

I'm Shubham, an Engineering student, I have launched my first book "T&C Soch ki Soch" which is in English language.
T&C is a book that will make Indian’s to think actually where we are lacking in our THINKING and how does THINKING AND COMPARISON relate with each other and how we can upgrade our THINKING .This book contains various emojis in order to express the feelings of that line or sentence .
I would love if you review my book,

my mail id: (less)

Shubham :-)

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