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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale .

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(Anyone can join)

Yuki walked through the fiction section. She looked at a couple books before seeing a big book full of fairytales. "I haven't read this one yet..." she said, reaching for it, though she was too short to reach.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Aremania went in the library hoping to find someone. And she succeeded.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Hi!” People finally I was bored so I went to look for someone somewhere.

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"Y-yeah.. T-Thanks." she stuttered. Yuki turned and saw Aremania. "H-hi"

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Whats your name?” Aremania said in a calm voice.

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"Y-Yuki." she stuttered, clearly shy.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Well umm I better get going.” Aremania said noticing she was quite shy and headed for her dorm.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Aremania.” she said and wandered away.

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"I-its nice to meet you two." Yuki said.

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"T-thanks..." she said quietly. A girl showed up behind her and hugged her. "It means snow." the girl said.

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"So. Are you a friend of my sister's?" she asked, still hugging Yuki from behind.

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"Yuki~Chan." the girl replied.

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((Who does she offer? Yuki or Akari XD))

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"Thanks." she said, taking the poky.

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"That's because i am one." she responded.

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"And I've never met a hellhound before." she said.

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"Anyways. Lily, do you like to read?" Akari asked.

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"Same Here." Akari said. "My sister is more into fairytales though. She doesn't appreciate the culture or horrors and manga's." she said. "I-I do appreciate them! I just don't like them as much as fairytales...." Yuki said quietly.

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"She tends to avoid them. She's not really the horror story type. They tend to give her nightmares. She has a very... Hyperactive imagination." Akari said. Yuki just nodded as her sister continued to hug her.

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Yuki nodded. "Yeah. i really like them."

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"FairyTail." she responded.

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"Yeah." she said. "It has many volumes too, so i enjoyed it a lot."

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"Yeah. They tend to build up suspense. Plus they are most likely longer than the ones with only a few volumes." she said.

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"I guess i will." she said. ((Im totally going to google that later XD))

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"Crepes." she answered. "And yours?" she asked.

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((I see Erza in you my child.))

"I think Erza would agree with you." Yuki laughed. Akari was gone, she probably left to do something.

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"So. Lily. Do you have a favorite music genre or song?" she asked.

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"Awesome. I dont really have a favorite song, but i mainly listen to love songs." she said.

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"Hm? I dont know. Maybe because im a hopeless romantic. Plus I've always wanted to fall in love like the princess did in my fairytales." she said.

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"No no. Im not a princess at all. I just think love is a magical thing. And i happened to read a lot of fairytales on princesses. Neither I, Nor my sister are princesses. We are actually exact opposites." she rambled.

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"I-i dont mind." she soon said in a quiet voice.

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"Y-yeah im fine." she said checking the time. "I-I have to take my medicine now." she said, looking through her bag.

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"Asthma." she said, taking out a small asthma pump. "And some medicine that keeps me from getting sick."

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She took her medicine and then picked it up. "They gave me the medicine at the orphanage. They told me and sis to take it everyday." she said.

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"The Asthma pump is because if i dont take it, ill probably have an asthma attack." she said, not hearing what she said. Despite the fact she was wearing a hearing aid.

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"My hearing isn't the best. So the people at the orphanage gave me this hearing aid." she said.

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"i guess." she said. "They never told me what happened though, I dont really remember why my hearing is bad in this ear. I know i used to be able to hear out of this one perfectly fine." she said, placing her hand over her ear with the hearing aid.

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"Hm? Yeah i guess." she said. "To Be honest, i dont remember much about myself. I have a terrible memory, so i dont really remember much about my childhood. Or the people in it. I remember vague faces though."

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"Good." she said smiling and then grabbed another fairytale book.

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"Thank You." she said giggling as she took a bow.

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"In the library? Or this school?" she asked.

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"Hm? I'm here because i heard about it from a passing traveler and his daughter. I found out more about it and decided to come here. At first i wasn't sure, because the elders may get angry, but then Sis insisted we went. So she planned everything and we ran away from the orphanage." she explained.

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"Basically." she said, laughing a bit.

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"Yeah. But if there were boys here, she'd be here in an instant if i so much as looked at one." she said.

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"She doesn't really support the idea of me getting married." she laughed. "There are boys here? That's surprising. I think the only reason she made the decision to come here is because she thought there would be none here."

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"Hm.. I should totally go there just to make my sister angry." she said after much thought.

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"Wanna come with me later then?" she asked.

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"Great!" she said smiling.

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"Hm.. How about in 3 hours?" she suggested.

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