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TheBohemianBookworm | 116 comments Hi! So I am looking for a book series where the characters are either at a boarding school or ride horses, kind of like The Saddle Club I guess, but where at least one or more of the characters is a lesbian with a lesbian romance. Is there such a book or series? I would be grateful if anyone had any suggestions.

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Liralen | 709 comments I can't help with horses, but here are some involving both boarding school and lesbians. Fair warning: the pickings are relatively slim, and the older the books get, the dodgier the relationships.

Reasonably reasonable, if not always entirely happy:
Without Annette
As I Descended
Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher
Midnight Feast

Dodgy as all get-out:
The Last of Eden
Call Me Margo

Oh. One horse book: The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories (like Bobby Blanchard, not to be taken too seriously!)

TheBohemianBookworm | 116 comments Cool! Thank you! I have really been struggling to find f/f books that fit the kind of books I like to read. There seem to be so many more m/m books, which are awesome and I love them, but I am looking to expand my taste.

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Liralen | 709 comments I know that feeling! I think it's because m/m books are more likely (or at least perceived as more likely) than f/f books to be read by a straight female audience, which is to say a bigger audience... Unfortunately I suspect it's going to be a while before there's something akin to the Saddle Club with visible lesbian relationships.

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Jessica (jessicalynfox) | 180 comments Down to the Bone

It’s catholic school.

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Rainbowheart | 16897 comments Don't know about the horses, but there is a list for Sapphic Boarding School Books.

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Liralen | 709 comments Rainbowheart wrote: "Don't know about the horses, but there is a list for Sapphic Boarding School Books."

Ooh! Thank you for that list.

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Liralen | 709 comments Definitely:
Her Royal Highness

Wilder Girls
Plain Bad Heroines (maybe, I hope)

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Chhavi | 32 comments I'd like to follow this thread as well

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...cats? | 377 comments There's this list of books about lesbians who ride horses: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/8...

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