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How does perspective shape or alter truth?

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Chloe In the book, Aza is a good example to use for this essential question. Aza is constantly thinking about things very deeply and almost overthinking things extremely. Because of this her experience of certain experiences is different from what others may be because she struggles. For example, when Aza and Davis kissed her perspective on the situation was different than his because she was constantly thinking about the germs that was altering what was happening.

Alisar Habiballa I think that there is the ultimate truth which is the way some force from the outside sees a certain incident. But each participant in this incident believes their own truth. Thus, truth is not static.
But if so, then how can we look at our daily facts? Or how can we look at our history?
In addition to the example mentioned in the comment above mine, there were the situation between Aza and Daisey where the latter threw charges that Aza rebutalled in a mumbled voice, trumpeting the concept discussed here.

Lauren.Bastian I don't think there is one perfect truth. Each individual develops their own personal truth, which can be as warped as they perceive. I think the closest you can get to a true "truth" (as far as experiences, not facts & statistics) is understanding what everyone else's "truth" looks like. The fact that Davis and Aza experienced their kiss differently doesn't mean that one of their experiences is invalid. If they were to discuss it, each person would come to a better understanding of what that moment meant.

As for the scene where Daisy and Aza have their fight, I think both of their perspectives are valid. Their perspectives on the truth affect both of their actions, and each character makes decisions that they regret. It isn't until they understand each other's positions that they understand the full truth of the matter.

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