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Raz showed up in the Firing range. He lost his uniform and was wearing a black suit with no tie. ((Just like the one in his appearance))

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"Thats a really cool gun." he said, looking at it. He's never held a gun before, so he doesn't really own one.

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"So. How do you shoot a gun," he asked, holding the gun the wrong way. It was clear hes never seen a gun before.

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"Ok. And then i aim?" he asked.

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"Ok." he said, aiming the gun at the target. He shot the gun and it missed the target.

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"Yeah, I guess so." he laughed. "Lets see how good our princess is." he said gesturing toward the target.

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Raz started to clap. "Your amazing!" he said smiling.

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"Ok." he said and aimed the gun toward the target. ((I have to go))

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"Ah. Im terrible at this." he laughed.

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"Oh! deal!!" he said, and aimed the gun. He shot the gun twice, one hitting the bullseye, the other completely missing.

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He aimed and shot again, hitting the bullseye. He shot again, but missed.

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He shot again and got a bullseye. He shot once more and hit it again. "I hit 4!" he said excitedly.

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"For you to be my partner, To help me solve a mystery not even my parents could solve. Our mission is to find the demon that killed my mother and find as much information on it as we can. The end goal is to solve the mystery no one, not even the best and skilled detectives, have solved. Are you in? Its a long a difficult Mission, so i understand if you dont want to." he said.

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"Really?" he said excitedly. "Awesome! Thank you!"

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"Awesome! Father said i needed a partner if i was to ever to actually succeed at this mission. He was insisting it be a girl, though, which i have no idea why." he rambled. He seemed pretty dense.

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"Are you ok?" he asked. "You aren't sick are you?" he asked, clearly concerned.

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"You think im adorable?" he asked happily.

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He looked at her for a moment before going over to her and grabbing her chin gently, making her look up at him. He looked at her for a moment more. "You look adorable when you're blushing." he said smiling.

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((Im just that skilled.))

"So you can turn into a cute little fox? that's cool." he said looking at her as if she was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

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"Awww. Your so cute." he said, petting her and ignoring the fact she called him a Jackass.


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"Ow ow ow. Fiesty. I like it." he said, shaking off his hand, which was bleeding a lot. He scratched her behind the ear with his good hand.

((He shall never learn.))

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"Ow ow ow ow. Your bite really hurts." he said. He was smiling, though it was hard to do so through the pain. "I guess I'll take that as you like me." he said.

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He bandaged his hand and then attempted to pet her again.

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"So cute.." he mumbled as he pet her happily.

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"Yep." he said smiling as he continued to pet her.

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"so cute!" he said once again. He scratched her behind the ear. ((FLUFFYNESS!))

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"You know, one day, after i become an official detective and win your love, Im totally going to ask you to marry me." he said as he smiled at her.

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"I will. I promise i will. After all, I do love you." he said, still smiling sweetly at her.


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"Hm.. Your right. Ill probably never have a chance with a woman as beautiful as you are. But i can at least try." he said.

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"We will never know until we try." he said, kissing her forehead.

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"Oh wow. I didnt even notice." he laughed. He looked at one of the targets. He loaded a gun and aimed at the target. He shot once, hitting the target.

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"Hello there." he said after she tackled him. "How has life been treating you My little fox?" he asked.

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"How am i disappointing?" he asked as he chuckled a bit.

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"I was surprised. Just didn't show it." he said, his heartbeat was slow and calm.

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"Awww. I was enjoying our little moment." he whined as he got up.

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"The one where you laid in my arms as we talked and you listened to my heartbeat." he said.

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He looked at her and smiled. He kissed her forehead. "And that heart is yours if you choose to accept it." he said in a calm voice.

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"You will one day accept my feelings. And That offer will stand until then, And it will only stand for you, My princess." he said.

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"Do you want to go anywhere else, or do you want me to escort you to your dorm?" he asked.

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"Hm.. Then do you want to dorm with me? And please, just call me Raz. Sure, your technically my familiar, but we are still friends. Plus. You make it sound as if your some sort of servant."

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"Ok. Then Lets go, Lily." he said, offering her his arm.

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"Raz" he corrected as he followed her.

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Raz sighed. "Are you sure you want to keep calling me that? Some people might get the wrong idea this day and age." he said.

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"Now what if i happened to forget your my familiar? I might take it the wrong way. And you'll never know how i might respond to that." he said.

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"I'll try not forget then." he laughed. He looked at her. "You know. Your a bit childish- I-IN A GOOD WAY I-I MEAN!" he said quickly.

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"I-i meant that you looked really cute!" he said.

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"Im not terrible. Just not decent." he said, chuckling a bit.

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"Well. I get better." he said. "Ill have plenty of time to flirt with you." he said.

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"Roses are red violets are blue..." he paused, trying to think a rhyme, "I can’t rhyme but can I date you?"

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((Wow XD))
"Im sorry. Hm... Ah this is impossible, There isn’t a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful you are." he said.

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