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annob | 1520 comments An open-ended project idea, based on recent update in the Librarian Manual and this thread.

As a librarian I've noticed the fields named original publication date in the book record are not included by the automated imports of book data from other sites to Goodreads. These values, YYYY MM DD, are all three a prerequisite for a book to show up on the GR page 'New Releases'. Missing values in any of those three fields means a no-show.

The tricky part is how to find the new books on Goodreads. I've found no way to do a general search for books by date. So, if you are in the mood for helping out with this issue, I would like to suggest doing the following:
- go into any user profile, any shelf of theirs
- select both 'pub date' and 'pub date (ed.)' columns to be visible, sort it by the former to get blank values first
- if the edition date is current year, try to find correct dates to fill into the original pub date fields of the work in total.
Or if you prefer, you could find a Listopia list with the current year in the list title and check each of the books on it with missing original publication date values.

(Of course you can do the same edit also for books which edition year is not current year, it was simply my way of limiting the scope of this project suggestion thread.)

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6590 comments It isn't just new releases, original pub date needs to be added for all titles where it is missing. If the original publication date isn't on the record, it fails on the users stats. Often titles missing pub dates are also missing original titles.

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