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Rules for All Members
1. Be polite. If you are a jerk you will be banned, no questions asked.

2. Respect other people and their opinions. Everyone needs to be respected in this group. Characters may be controversial, but OOC you are not allowed to argue about these things. If you find an argument is stirring up, be the bigger person and stop it.

3. Be appropriate. As stated in the rules, smut is not permitted. Keep things PG-13, and if you absolutely must do something NSFW, take it to a 1x1 chat. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned from the group.

4. Cursing is allowed, but don't abuse it. Please keep the cursing to a minimum and only use it when necessary.

5. Keep all responses in the appropriate folder. Every room in the palace has a folder, and so do a few outside areas. Character creation has folders as well, and so does information and general chatting. Please stay within the organization provided!

6. Wait for your character to be approved before you jump into the roleplay. In fact, we won't be starting until we have at least 15 Selected girls and maids, as well as a few guards and the Royals, so there shouldn't be too much jumping into things anyway. If you are asked to change something about your character bio, please do so as it will strengthen your character as well as speed up the process of your character being approved!

7. This is a literate roleplay, so respond as such. All responses should be at least three paragraphs. 5 paragraphs is a general max, but if you really need it to be longer, you can go up to 8 paragraphs.

8. Request a role before you create a character for it! This is essential to keeping the group organized and everyone happy. We don't want you to make an entire character just to realize the role is already filled.

9. Respect the mods! Respect all mods, or you will be banned. Mods are here to help and maintain peace and order.

10. Hate on any group will not be tolerated! All types of characters are accepted here, from every race, religion, sexuality, gender, and social status. If anyone hates on a character or a member about something along those lines, they will be banned from the group.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 147 comments Mod
Rules for Mods
1. Make sure to check with other mods before making a big decision. Deleting a post, banning a member, adding a topic, or majorly changing the aesthetic of the entire group are good examples.

2. Don’t abuse your position! Be respectful and understanding to the other members. Don’t be a bully. If you abuse your power, you will be stripped of your mod title and abilities.

3. Make sure you are active! It’s understandable if you’re busy one week or, but if you are never on you shouldn’t be a mod. Mods need to be active and present to avoid anything and happening in our group.

(More rules may be added)

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 147 comments Mod
Rules Regarding Characters
1. Selected Girls: Anyone can have three Selected girls at most, unless they play the Crown Prince (for obvious reasons). Mods can have four Selected girls. If you have another member of the Royal family besides the Crown Prince, you can only have two girls, whether you are a mod or not.

2. Special roles: You may claim two roles, but they cannot be from the same category. Mods may claim three. Claims are first come, first serve.

3. Maids: You may have up to four maids. Your maids can be for your own Selected girls, but it is recommended that you pair up with someone else to avoid talking to yourself.

4. Guards: You may have up to three guards.

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