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message 1: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments 1. The Switch - Be Careful /What You Wish For by Aleena Ashe (unpublished at

2. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: Unexpected Affection by Cassandra Knightley

3. Mr. Darcy's Christmas Wish by Penelope Swan

4. A Willful Misunderstanding by Alex9903 (unpublished at AHA)

5. Colors by Laure001 (unpublished atAn Archive of Our Own)

6. A Most Helpful Hand by ClaireLily (unpublished at An Archive of Our Own)

7. In Sickness by Put It Briefly (unpublished at AHA)

8. Indifference to Decorum by Pimprenelle (unpublished at AHA)

9. Miss Darcy's Companion, audiobook, by Joana Starnes, narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

10. Some Natural Importance by jancat (unpublished at AHA)

11. The Subsequent Proposal, audiobook, by Joana Starnes, narrated by Stevie Zimmerman

12. Mr. Hurst Does a Kindness by 56Peonies (unpublished at An Archive of Our Own)

13. Dear Sir, Dear Madam by Mary Simonsen

14. Her Final Wish by Renata McMann

message 2: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Bok (regency_reader) Moving right along, Jeannine! Hope you’re enjoying your reads!

message 3: by Elin (new)

Elin Eriksen (vaarin) | 545 comments Great progress :)
Looks like you have read a lot of good ones too.

message 4: by Kirk (new)

Kirk (goodreadscomkirkc) | 789 comments Jeannine wrote: "1. The Switch - Be Careful /What You Wish For by Aleena Ashe (unpublished at

2. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: Unexpected Affection by Cassandra Knightley

3. Mr. Darcy's Christmas Wish ..."


message 5: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments Abigail, Vaarin, Kirk,

Thank you, I did read some good stories. Of this batch, my favorites were the Joana Starnes books, and Colors by Laure001.

message 6: by Elin (new)

Elin Eriksen (vaarin) | 545 comments Heartily agree with you. Loved Colours and nobody write Darcy's anguish better than Starnes.

message 7: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments 15. The Truth About Mr. Wickham by Rose Atlee ****

16. A Glimpse by Alicia M (unpublished, wayback machine)***

17. Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, BBC radio play *****
Not JAFF, but close. Matthew Macfadyen starred in a TV adaptation of Little Dorrit.

18. The Secrets of Pemberley by Rose Fairbanks ****

19. An Odd Situation by Sophie Lynbrook ****

20. Pride Comes Before the Fall by Janet Doe (unpublished, ****

21. Tact by Jeannie Peneaux (unpublished, An Archive of Our Own) *****

22. Lover's Knot by Jenetta James ****

23. See No Evil by Wade H (unpublished, ***

24. A Season Lost by Sophie Turner (unpublished,***

25. Ardently Loved by Lory Lilian ***

26. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh, audiobook narrated by Jeremy Irons *****
Also not JAFF, but a compelling book. I am going to seek out the TV adaptation.

27. Not My Jane by Pimprenelle (unpublished at AHA) ****

28. Lost & Found by Christie Capps ***

29. London Holiday by Nicole Clarkston *****

30. Sea-Change by Rosie J., (unpublished at AHA)****
Darcy is a sea captain and a second son. He is also a cousin to Emma Knightley.

31. Duty Demands by Elaine Owen, audiobook narrated by Siobhan Waring *****

32. Being Mrs. Darcy by Elizabeth M. Bridges*****

message 8: by Marlene (new)

Marlene | 307 comments Jeannine, could you post or PM me about Little Dorrit? What sort of a story is it, and is there an HEA?

message 9: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments Marlene,

Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens is a long story with a large cast of characters centering around the Marshalsea debtor's prison in London.

William Dorrit is imprisoned for debts. His family is in the prison with him. The children grow up in the prison, though the children, unlike the father, can come and go as they please. Amy Dorrit (Little Dorrit of the title) works as a seamstress for Mrs. Clennam. The hero of our story is Arthur Clennam, the son of Mrs. Clennam.

The story follows our large cast of characters through financial problems and successes and windfalls and losses again. There is a romance in the story, but the romance is not the main thrust of the story.

There is an HEA. The good characters are rewarded, and the evil ones get their comeuppance.

message 10: by Marlene (new)

Marlene | 307 comments Jeannine, thank you so much. 😊

message 11: by Elin (new)

Elin Eriksen (vaarin) | 545 comments Must add the tv adaption of Little Dorrit to my to do list😉.

message 12: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments 33. Netherfield Park is Let at Last by Mary Simonsen ****

34. A Fortuitous Meeting by Alicia M *****
Jane Bennet calls on Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley in London, then as she is exiting the house she fortuitously meets Mr. Bingley.

35. A Taste of Hope by Ali972 at AHA *****

36. Meryton Assembly Revisited by myshlp at AHA ***

37. Emma Bee by Wade H at **
I was OK with the dialog-only writing style, I didn't like the subject matter.

38. Letter of the Law by J. Dawn King, pre-publication post at her blog, will be removed for publication very soon.***

39. In Essentials by Vangie at Dwiggie *****

JAFF writer Vangie is the same person as successful Regency Romance Writer Tessa Dare.

I loved her JAFF story In Essentials so much I tried one of her published Regency Romances.

40. The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare *
My opinion is obviously an outlier, as this book has good sales and good reviews. It just wasn't for me, I found it the story too silly.

41. Duets by Delwyn at Dwiggie ***
A short modern, Darcy and Elizabeth are college music students.

message 13: by Kirk (new)

Kirk (goodreadscomkirkc) | 789 comments Jeannine wrote: "33. Netherfield Park is Let at Last by Mary Simonsen ****

34. A Fortuitous Meeting by Alicia M *****"


message 14: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments 42. The Longbourn Will by Carolyn Whyte ***

43. An Assembly Such as This, audiobook by Pamela Aidan *****

44. Nine Ladies by Dolly1981, unpublished at AHA *****

45. Cat Among the Peacocks by Put It Briefly, unpublished at AHA ****

46. Summer's End by Toffeecrisp unpublished at
Excellent World War II story *****

47. The Scandalous Stepmother by Renata McMann ***

48. A Life Apart by Harriet Knowles ****

49. Duty and Desire, audiobook by Pamela Aidan ****

50. Half Right by Wade H *****

51. Go Down Red Roses by Fredrica Edward, unpublished at, a vampire story, ****

message 15: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments Also,

52. These Three Remain by Pamela Aidan, audiobook, *****

message 16: by Jeannine (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments 53. Reunited by Rose Fairbanks ****

54. The Last Miss Bennet by Wynne Mabry *****

55. A Successful Elopement by maddyv *****

56. Courting Elizabeth by Renata McMann, ****

57. Letter to Mr. Bingley by Zoey101A unpublished at AHA****

58. Cowboy Pride by Lacy Williams ***

59. Against Her Will by Cassandra B. Leigh***

60. The Golden Apples of the Sun by Ivy May Stuart *****

61. The Unraveling of Mr. Darcy by Valerie Lennox ****

62. A Matter of Manipulation by Lady Jaeza *****

63. Hypothetically Married by Renata McMann *****

64. An Overheard Proposal by Jennifer Lang ***

65. The Correction of Folly by Christine Combe ****

66. Drawing Mr. Darcy by Borrego, ***** unpublished at AHA

67. Now I'm Missing You by BookPirate at AO3 *****
Very short modern, Darcy has the same ideas of social class as his Aunt Catherine.

68. An Unwelcome Guest at the Netherfield Ball by E. Bradshaw ***

message 17: by Jeannine (last edited Dec 31, 2018 11:41AM) (new)

Jeannine | 50 comments 69. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: What Time Has Done by Alyssa Jefferson *****

70. Nowhere but North by Nicole Clarkston ****
(North and South fanfic)

71. The Fire at Netherfield Park by Renata McMann ****

72. Folly and Forgiveness by Lizzy Brandon ****

73. Forever with Mr. Darcy by Stephane Chambers **

74. Mr. Darcy's Magpie by Kara Louise ****

75. When Jane Got Angry by Victoria Kincaid ****

76. Love Hurts by Moira Bianchi *

77. Emma, an Audible Original audiobook, Narrated by Emma Thompson and cast *****

78. Before a Fall by Jennifer Kay ****

79. The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su, audiobook narrated by Ashley Clements ****

80. The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet by Kate Rorick , audiobook narrated by Mary Kate Wiles *****
I enjoyed this book more that the previous one, I found Lydia very likable and sympathetic in the Lizzie Bennet Diary universe.

81. Jane & Bingley: Something Slightly Unsettling (Twisted Austen #2) by Alexa Adams *****

82. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Schaffer *****
Not really JAFF. Story set immediately post World War II. The Netflix film featured the actress Lily James, who also portrayed Elizabeth Bennet in the movie Pride, Prejudice and Zombies.

83. Mr. Darcy's Enchantment by Abigail Reynolds *****

84. A Fault in Their Characters by P.R. Hood *****

85. Netherfield's Secret by Leila Eye ****

86. A Month in the Country by J.L. Carr****
Not really JAFF, this is a story of a shell shocked Great War veteran working on a job for a month in the country, restoring a medieval painting. Colin Firth starred in the movie version. The movie version is available on youtube.

87. Happier in her Friends than Relations by Jayne Bamber (was posted online and has now been removed for publishing) ****

88. Through a Different Lens by BeverleeS *****
Darcy has a hidden disability

89. Mysteries of Pemberley by Alex 9903 *****

90. So Material a Change by Alex9903 *****

91. Smokey Dreams by Lady Jaeza****

92. Sets of Ten by BethW (Ghastly Ghost) *****
Short, modern Halloween story set in USA.

93. Forlorn Hope by Six Things *
Really wish I hadn't read this one. Dishonorable people behaving dishonorably. Triangle involving Colonel Fitzwilliam. The author takes austenesque character traits (Elizabeth speaks sharp words that wound, she doesn't worry about the effect of her actions on her family, also Darcy manipulates people to do his bidding, can be very secretive, and enjoys having his own way) and carries these traits to an unhappy conclusion.

94. A Man of No Consequence by Heather F *****
Elizabeth mistakes Darcy's position and status.

95. Burnt Bridges by Marie A. *****
Darcy and Elizabeth do not meet at Pemberley, reunite years later.

96. Necessity is the Mother of Invention by Kathy Taylor *****

97. Upon Reflection Prhood *****

98. An Unspoken Understanding by Gaby A. *****

99. Dear Nameless Stranger by Jeannie Peneaux *****
Wonderful story by the author of Tact. A mashup of Pride and Prejudice and Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

100. Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster *****
Not JAFF but I wanted to read it due to the above story Dear Nameless Stranger

101. Love, Letters, and Lies by Renata McMann ***

102. Seasons of Waiting by Christina Morland ****
Four point five stars for this excellent book.

message 18: by Abigail (new)

Abigail Bok (regency_reader) Good heavens, finishing strong, Jeannine! And it looks as if most were enjoyable for you. Happy reading in 2019!

message 19: by Elin (new)

Elin Eriksen (vaarin) | 545 comments Great finish Jeannine!

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