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Do you like birding? If so, well I'll be darned if you don't join in on the conversation! Tell us a bit about why you like birding and what gives you the interest.

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Rumell Khan (rkrespectedmember) I love birds. This is a good topic to talk about.

14 species of Galapagos finches differ in shape and size of their beak, body size and behavior. Finches are gregarious birds that often live in large flocks, also known as charms. They communicate through various songs. Finches build basket-shaped nest in the trees, bushes or in the crevices of rocks.

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Hello, Rumell and thanks for joining the conversation! The piece of information you have just given is so good to know and I'm happy you shared it.

message 5: by Pam (new)

Pam (bluegrasspam) I am not an active "birder" but I do love watching birds! There is a Cooper's Hawk that regularly visits my pond. He's beautiful! Living in New Mexico, I see lots of roadrunners, our state bird. They are very interesting critters! Also, we have a lot of sandhill cranes, during certain times of the year, on the Rio Grande bosque. I saw a robin yesterday so that is a good sign that spring is here!

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That's absolutely wonderful! Coopers Hawks are very fascinating and while having chickens, they may not be the best visitors, but they are interesting and have many calls! Oh, I just love Sandhill Crans. They're remarkable and I love them as babies. I'm glad you saw a Robin! I am hoping she was most definitely a sign of Spring!! :D

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Anna wrote: "I just read that Kiwi birds are the only birds to hunt by smell! I never thought birds did that!
Birds of Prey are my favorite category, because they're so powerful yet graceful at the same time"

Love Kiwis! They're unique and very cute.

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