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The Hate U Give (The Hate U Give, #1)
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18. Atypical genre > The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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Mary Manzanares | 73 comments Mod
This book is the story of a teen who is drawn to activism after witnessing the police shooting that killed her friend. The book fits this atypical genre category because it's classified as Young Adult fiction, not a category that I'm typically drawn to, however, this book can hold it's own on any adult fiction book.

The themes are heavy, sometimes uncomfortable, and often controversial. I think it would be a great book for a book club and other in-depth discussions.

Bonnie (bonbayel) | 48 comments Thanks for your review. The book is in my "To be read" pile, but others keep getting added. I'll move it to the top again!

Bonnie (bonbayel) | 48 comments And now I've finished it. The story has a very current theme, being shot while black, which provides a little understanding of how it is for those of us who aren't. There was a situation just recently of a teacher being let off at the Kansas City airport being stopped by a policeman, who, according to the man, kept fingering his gun, which he luckily didn't use, and the man made his plane. When he later complained, the law officer was let off because he was the one who was believed.
The main character goes to a private school where she and her brother are nearly the only POC. Her best friends are the only Chinese girl and white girl. The former "gets it" the second not really. But the book ends with a positive tone.
Thanks for getting me to find this book in my pile and read it!

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