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message 1: by HKMar (last edited Mar 20, 2018 06:47AM) (new)

HKMar | 18 comments Hi All :)
My women's studies professor whom I still keep in touch with (it's almost 10 years now since my undergrad studies! yikes) posted this article and I thought this is right up our alley.

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy (puzumaki) | 45 comments Thank you for sharing this! I was dismayed when I heard about this decision, but it's good the classes aren't going away (even though their future in a department-less structure is questionable).

message 3: by HKMar (new)

HKMar | 18 comments yeah, and reading the book really shines light on the importance of liberal arts in comparison of the sciences/tech/math studies. There should be a balance not just one or the other.

Elainebarrie212gmail.Com | 1 comments I find this paragraph of the article particularly troubling:
As of this writing, it appears that the subjects [history, English, philosophy, philosophy and languages, cultures and international studies] themselves haven't been eliminated, but it's hard not to wonder how each field functions without a "departmental structure." Are things streamlined as a result? Is there more flexibility and less bureaucracy?
Problem with this course of action:
1. If one does not learn to write, how can people communicate via computer?
2. If a Major is not given full support by the university, its legitimacy is lost, and support for its continuation is eliminated.
3. Due to one and two, writing as we know it will become extinct.

message 5: by HKMar (new)

HKMar | 18 comments yes, agreed. Cursive has been eliminated in some primary schools nationwide and toddlers are learning how to use a iPad/tablet and not how write or use physical l toys like blocks, etc...

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