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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (acctnt_shan) I'm leaving on vacation Saturday and would love to find a new book to take to the beach with me! I'm going to copy & paste an email I sent to a work group for suggestions because I'm too lazy to type it all up again, haha.

"I’m going on vacation next week and of course will grab any excuse to buy a new book! Can you guys offer up some recommendations?

Since this will be a beach read, I want something that’s a page turner with some length to get me through a week of mostly down time (however buying a couple shorter novels is not out of the question) – usually when I’m on vacation I pick something that will take me away and absorb me into its plot/characters. Genre is fairly open, although I would prefer to stay within the confines of fiction.

Ideally I want something already available in paperback, since it’ll be coming in the sand with me!


message 2: by Sumedha (new)

Sumedha Manabarana (sumedhamanabarana) | 3 comments Safe journey to Shannon!
See you at Goodreads once you get back home.
Thank you.

message 3: by Belletab (new)

Belletab | 5 comments Have you read the Outlander series? 8 books and I loved it. Also there is the new release by deb harkness (I think that is her name ) also time travel romance stuff, 3 books in her series. enjoy your vacation

message 4: by Lydia (new)

Lydia Christopher (the_macabre_historian) Any of Sarah Addison Allen's books would probably fit the bill, if you haven't read them yet. There's quite a few and they're fairly short, but very well written with interesting plot lines and relatable characters. They're technically probably "chick-lit" but they all have subtle magical or paranormal bits thrown in which make them really cool and fun. In my experience I've been able to finish them quite quickly and they're easy to get into

message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (acctnt_shan) Thanks guys! I have read 5 or 6 of the Outlander books, and they are great! I'll check out some of those books too, Lydia!

message 6: by Meredith (new)

Meredith | 1 comments Hi Shannon,
Just a thought, looking at your favorites on your profile...if you enjoyed Philip Pullman's Golden Compass, you might consider picking up the next 2 books in the trilogy (the Subtle Knife is one of my favorites). Also, you noted the Twilight series as an enjoyable read, while I was not as big of a fan personally, if your looking for fantasy reads you might try the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs or the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. Both series have strong female protagonists and action driven plots that clip along. Further, they're both series with multiple books out so you might even find some of the early novels at used book stores. The Briggs' series deals primarily with shifters but has Faerie and vampire characters, while the Estep series has Gin Blanco, assassin turned Robin Hood, who has iinherent stone and ice magic. Enjoy your vacation!

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