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Well this time I'm not going easy after many of my fellow mods left my groups!


How many groups are you in?:

How many groups are you a mod in?:

Are you ever going to delete your account?

Time Zone:

Roleplay example:

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dany (elothwen) Name: Lily

How Many Groups Are You In?: Right now around 22, but total I've been in like 50.

How Many Groups Are You a Mod In?: Half of the total

Are You Ever Going to Delete Your Account?: Nope!

Time Zone: Mountain Standard

Roleplay Example: Leather hitting leather was the only sound out in the back alley of Anneliese's house- perhaps mansion was a better word. No dogs, no cars, no talking. Just a baseball and a brick wall.
Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and under a baseball cap, and overall she looked very informal. She would never be caught dead dressed like that in public- it was just right for her current activity.
Her attire was a white button-up, which was rather dirty and used solely for her practicing, and simple high-waisted pants as well as saddle shoes. It wasn't correct for baseball, but it was alright for practicing pitching with only one person.
Anneliese had been playing baseball for years, mostly with her sister. Until they broke apart. It was a series of things that caused the hatred, but it happened and they hadn't talked since 1940- three years ago.
Anna currently lived alone, as her husband was fighting in the war. Not like he had a choice. She was afraid, as all wives were for the husbands, but she knew she'd get through it, and she hoped he would, too.
Upon catching another bounce-back, she heard a car approaching. Still holding it in her glove, she turned on her heel, looking for the source.
A black car pulled up near her, and she braced herself. She might have to sprint back inside at any moment.
A man got out of the car, out of the driver's seat. He was alone. "Anneliese Jensen?"
She pulled her glove off, setting it on the ground next to her. "Yes, I am her."
The conversation went on for only a few minutes, and eventually Anna found herself agreeing to meet many other women in Chicago to audition to join a female baseball league. She took the train ticket from him, and watched the car leave.
"Well, I suppose we're going to Chicago," Anneliese said, directing it at her glove and ball slightly sarcastically. Gathering them, she smiled and rushed inside to pack her bags.

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Nick Kelly, lab 7 I'm posting first.

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dany (elothwen) Got it

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